Sunday, July 19, 2009

Big Red @ the Tetons

We drove down to Jackson Hole and rode on the "Big Red" Gondola up the mountain. I have to tell you these things FREAK me out! Why? Because I am a control freak and I can't control it falling and crashing on me! LOL! It is really hard for me to relax on these rides. But I try not to show my fear to the brave huh? Matt totally digs this kind of stuff so I am glad we got to do it! We take it to the top of this mountain and of course the view is so amazing. We ate lunch up there and then went to the top. It was sooo windy and cold! Felt like we were going to blow off the mountain! Then we found some snow and let the kids play in it for awhile. Just so cool to play in the snow in the middle of summer! I love that! We rode the Big Red down and had fun doing that! They had this bungee jump thing with trampolines under it and all the kids took turns jumping on it. We drove down into Jackson and shopped for awhile and got some shirts and ice cream!!! Then we headed over to String Lake and let the kids swim. It was soo cold! Those kids swam and swam in that cold water! They are soo brave! It was fun to watch them swim and freeze. And it was so pretty there. Around 6:00 we were sad to tell the Taulmans goodbye and head on up to Yellowstone. They were heading on home the next day and we needed to get up to Yellowstone before dark. We have really enjoyed our time with them and glad we got to spend this time with them. We are so blessed to have them as friends! We love their family!!

Our family stayed in Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone. It's a great place, just really cramped! We grilled chicken...potatoes and squash, zuchini and onions! It was sooo good! I actually made cookies in the oven too. We had a great meal! We love the camping part of this trip. We love cooking outside and everything about camping. If you take away all the vehicle issues we have has been a great trip. I could see us camping again...maybe when we forget all the other stuff that happen..:) We have camped at YQ and many youth trips and to get to experience it in a 5th wheel felt like a 5 star hotel! And to get to experience it with our kids is a blessing. Our kids have loved this trip!

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