Friday, July 17, 2009

WoW!! We are here!!!

Well...we have felt all your prayers and out pouring of love that everyone has shown us these past few days! Just wanted to update you and let you know we went Lydia Summers and all the Mexico kids would say...Press On...when she put that on my facebook it made me think of everything those kids went thru when they flipped their van. They went on...I have always admired that! So here we are driving past the Grand Tetons...we have seen many deer and elk to count and just looking at God's great creation. What I love is...when people admire them...whether they are a believer or not...they are admiring our Awesome Creator. He made these beautiful mountains and I am so glad we went on. Now...I do have to tell you...we did have Flat #2!! LOL!! BUt thank you Jesus that the Loewes decided to stick with us...Mike we couldn't have done it without you...and the random hwy guy who stopped and let us use his hacksaw to cut the shredded tire. (um yeah...another angel) So know we were out of spares...THANKS TO UNCLE TIM FOR SENDING US WITH 2!!! YES!!! Matt goes to buy 2 more...the guy notices he is from OK and says...he graduated from Stillwater...WHAT??? So Matt tells him he is from Stillwater and the guy gives him a deal on the tires!! LOL!! Go GOD!!! How crazy is that we would guy tires from a guy in WY that graduated from Stillwater!! But all is well and we are moving on. I am thankful for every mile and every minute on this trip. Maybe I wouldn't have been if all of this hadn't happen, I don't know. But we are having such a great time. Waking up freezing in the 5th Wheel, and the high has been about 79 degrees!! SOrry all my hot Oklahoma people!! It's great!!! We met up with the Taulmans on Thursday and have been hanging out with them for a few days. It has been so nice seeing them again. I just hugged and hugged on them!! We took a boat ride over Jenny lake and hiked up to some hidden falls and Inspiration point yesterday. Today we are headed to Jackson to ride a Gondola called "The Big Red". We will head to Yellowstone tonight and stay until Sunday. Oh yeah...and they didn't charge us for the nights we missed...they heard our pitiful story and let us come back this weekend. And yeah..they were booked so that is a major blessing! So glad we went's been great. We are overwhelmed with God's blessings. Matt's already came up with several sermons from this trip! LOL! Please pray for all the YQ kids that are heading up here today!!

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  1. Absolutely amazing! God is faithful, God Provides! God allows His creation for us to stand amazed at, His beauty in so many different forms and now He is giving you all peace, rest and Joy with your family and rejoining TNT :)
    oh ya.....bonus ~ sermons too!!! WOW!

    HE IS SOOOO GOOD AND WORTH OF OUR PRAISE! Thanks Steph for sharing all of this with us and I sooo wanna hear these sermons!

    love you!


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