Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jaden's Baptism

Our son Jaden has been wanting to get baptized at church camp for so long! Jaden loves and adores his daddy and whatever Matt does, he wants to do. Matt was baptized at church camp as a boy and Jaden wanted to do the same. He absolutely amazes us about how much he knows about the Bible and the steps it took to get baptized. Our children's ministers have a 101 class they encourage the kids to take when the want to get baptized. Jaden did that a couple of weeks ago and did great! I appreciate our ministers and how they take this step so serious even with our children.
So we had it planned for quite awhile that Jaden would get baptized at Camp Cyokamo! Yeah! My parents and the girls all went up there on Tuesday night and my sister and her family came along also. Matt got to baptize him in the pool. It was just so amazing to watch. I about cried...I was just so proud of my son. I know God has plans for our son and it just makes me so excited to think about where God will lead him in his life. I pray...just like how Jaden wants to be like his earthly father Matt, he will always desire to be like his heavenly Father in all he does. His journey has just begun and I can't wait to see him grow in Jesus. Here is a video I made of it...ok so I was pretty impressed with myself on this...I have never made a video before, but it is soo easy on this MAC!! I love it!! Be makes you want to cry...shout and praise God all at once!! Before you watch the video, go down and pause my playlist music so you can hear the video better.


  1. Awesome, all the way around!

  2. i did tear up a little... and looking at the pics on facebook as well. praise the Lord for your amazing family and the great things He is doing in all of your lives!

    so excited for jaden :)


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