Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God always provides! Days 5 & 6

WOW! That is all I can say....ok I can say a whole lot more actually! Ok...we had the trailer towed again to a KOA campground on Monday. It was a nice campground. Had a pool and a hot tub! After being on the phone non stop trying to figure out what to do...we decided to go swimming and hot tub it. We had a great time doing that and enjoyed a really long and hot shower!! It amazes me what a shower can do for you! We were waiting to hear from the towing company to see if AAA would take the truck and trailer or just the trailer to Yellowstone. We never heard from them on Monday so we just waited. We picked up my dad's truck and got it to the campground. It would go in Drive, but not reverse or down shift to 2nd or 1st. So my dad being the incredible mechanic told Matt what to do to get it to go in those gears. It would, but it was rough. We tested it out and went to bed.

On Tuesday we got up and heard from the towing go on the AAA taking the 5th wheel to Yellowstone. So we decided to take a chance and get the truck as far south as we could so someone could come get it. One of our friends owns a car lot and said he might be having a truck come thru and could get it if we get it close to a major city. We took the rental van need for it. And took the kids to McDonalds for lunch where they had a huge playground. YOu know, it's amazing how the simple things in life can make your kids happy. Eating at McDonalds...hmmm. I have to brag on my kids, they have taken all of this so well. They have spent countless hours in the truck and been so great. They have sat and waited while we have been on the phone trying to figure this all out and have not complained at all. They have offered to give their spending money to help pay for things so we could keep going...which we wouldn't let them do that! But it just shows their hearts and I have been so proud of them.

So we all loaded up and laid hands on the truck and ask God to get it as far as it would go to get someone here to get it! We were told AAA would come get it and take it to Cheyenne if we could get it 200 miles from there. That was our goal! We had to take it slow...we ran about 50 mph or so. And were glad for that! We stopped several times to fill the transmission fluid. It was leaking it about as fast as we could get it in! At each stop it would barely start going! But with prayer and the will to keep going...we made it to Casper, WY. Which is less than 200 miles from Cheyenne!!! Here is another blessing...when we got off the Hwy...the truck wouldn't go thru the intersection and we were stuck! Matt went running into the convenient store to buy Transmission oil...but as he was in there these guys pulled up and asked if they could tow us to a safe place! Ok! Seriously!! How God is that??? So they whip around and come back to get us and pull us to Burger King. We get to Burger King and call AAA and find out they don't have anyone in Casper that will tow us...unless we want to pay $1000 to have it towed. Yeah right!! So that took the wind out of our sails! We thought we were in the clear if we made it within 200 miles. So I took the kids into Burger King to eat...I couldn't even eat. My stomach was so upset and I honestly had hit an emotional wall. I have cried more in the last few days than I have in a long time. I have planned this trip for about a year and I am having a hard time with how things are going. I am really learning to let God take control and let my plans match His. back to Burger King...I am talking to the manager and of course crying and telling her my sob story and asking if it is ok if we leave the truck and trailer there overnight. She was so sweet. We got the kids their dinner and next thing I know she brings me a cheesecake...must have just looked pitiful! So I start crying again...but little did I know...someone else was listening. As I finish my conversation with the manager...the lady sitting next to us says...I will take your whole family to Cheyenne. I was like WHAT????? She asked what kind of hitch we had and if we had the same hitch she was going to take the who thing! But we didn't, but that's ok! I went out to asked Matt what he thought and while we were gone I guess she was talking to the kids and asked them if they believe in the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit? They were like YEAH!! So that was our sign from God, she was a Godly woman! To top it off...she lives in that town and only been in that Burger King 2 times, had planned on going thru the drive thru, but for some reason felt lead to go inside and eat! Well we know why!!!! So packed up the truck and trailer and jumped in her truck for the 2 and half hour drive to Cheyenne. Learned a lot from her! She was an amazing woman! Tina was her name. She took us to met the Loewes at their trailer and picked up my uncle's truck. Which again is another miracle that they were even coming out here at the same time! Seriously!!! We appreciate them more than they can even imagine!

We got a hotel and stayed the night and go this morning and had a buffet breakfast! It was so nice! We are on our way back to Casper and get the trailer and get my dad's truck ready to be towed home. Which is another blessing!!! One of my dad's buddies is coming to pick it up this week. One of our friends has graciously said they would help cover the cost of the fuel to get the truck out here to get my dad's truck. I am so overwhelmed with emotion right now. I start crying with every conversation almost. I feel so blessed and so loved. I am not trying to get people to feel sorry for us or have pity on us because our vacation has taken a detour and didn't go as planned. I want you to know I know God has a plan in all of this. God has shown our family how he will take care of our every need and how he alone is worthy of our praise. We shouldn't love or depend on vehicles or situations for our happiness...they will steal our joy if we allow them too.

And to Aunt Rhonda and Tim...thank you so much for coming to our rescue and letting a total stranger bring your truck out 2 million miles away! Geez!! You guys are so awesome! It's like a peace of heaven driving it! We love you guys so much!

Now I want to say...I have incredible parents. My dad has been so upset about all of this and just feels horrible. He is one of those people who take such a great care of his cars and he just can't believe this has happen. I hate that they feel bad and wish they didnt' feel responsible for all of this. I just can't wait to get home and hug them both. He has been on the phone trying to figure out how to fix the truck or get someone out to help us. I know he is trying his hardest and I know he wishes he could do whatever needed to help. I am so blessed to have parents who care and love my family so much. And I pray they have peace and know that God is taking care of us so DON"T WORRY!!! And our trip is not has been an adventure and we will have some great stories to tell! We love you SO MUCH Nana and Papa!

Well here we are on our way to Casper...trying to decide if we should go on to the Grand Tetons or turn around and go home. I think we will go on. I think we are so paranoid of car trouble it makes us worried about going. But I guess we will go on faith and just let God handle our trip as we have so far! I will keep you posted!


  1. Steph!!!!! Wow!! God is so amazing and I have been praying and waiting for this post!! How awesome is HE!!! I am so thankful for your kids to be able to experience His provision every step of the way and what little sweethearts they have been! You guys have done such an amazing job with them and here is just an example of that!!

    I am soo happy you have continued on and not allow FEAR to keep you from enjoying the rest of your trip! Have fun, be blessed and praise the Lord for his goodness!!!!

    I love you! and will continue praying but know He will lead and guide you every step of the way! What a scrapbook this will be!

  2. Steph,
    I am so excited that God is putting wonderful people in your life and showing you how awesome he really is. It makes me think how BIG God really is. Amazing. Just know you are in my heart. I also want to tell you that all I can pray is that my children will have the same hearts that your children do because they are truly amazing. :) You are such an awesome mom and they are so blessed to have you. :) I love you girl and am praying for your family and no more car trouble.
    Love ya,


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