Monday, July 20, 2009

Yellowstone in a Day!

We got up and made waffles! Our family loves waffles! It was fun to sit outside in the cold morning and eat them with the kids and look around at God's awesome creation! It was chilly in the mornings, but by the afternoon we were warm! it got up to about 82 or so! LOL! Not quite by any means. When the people would's warm today...we would just look at it each other and laugh! Go to OK!! You will feel HOT!! I love the weather up there. I love waking up and being cold and then warm in the afternoon.

Our plan was to cover as much grown as we could today. Yellowstone has 2 loops basically. We decided to do the lower loop. We made it all the way around! Our first stop was Old Faithful. Our kids were so curious about why it was called that. I am telling you...we literally sat down and that sucker went off!! HOW COOL! If we would have been a few minutes later...we would have had to wait an hour or more! You should have seen how many people were there waiting to see this! I bet there was about 800 or more people there! It was cool to watch. I think everyone in their lives should go see this. It's just cool! I love that they try to explain it with all their evolution clueless! Simply God that's all! To God be the Glory for all of that!

Next we headed over to Black Sand Basin. Amazing Geysers and mineral pools. It smells like rotten eggs though! LOL! The colors are fantastic! Something a picture can't even begin to show you. While we were there an Elk was laying in the grass by us and then one walked right by us. They are gorgeous animals. We drove around looking at Geysers and saw all of the mud pits.

One of the last things we did was go to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We hiked over to the Artist point. Ok...almost made it over it to it until Matt told me we could drive to it!! WHAT????? He knew this information and failed to share it! Silly man! The kids were tired and so we went back and drove over to it. No talk about Breath taking...I wish I could describe to you how beautiful this scene was. The biggest waterfall I have ever seen...and the canyon surrounding us. The colors were so incredible. I hope all of you take time to go see this some day. I could have sat there all day watching this and take it all in.

We made it back to the trailer and found a note from the Loewes. They invited us to dinner...little did they know we were planning on inviting them! I had put Taco meat in the crockpot all day and was ready for them to come! So we hauled our food down there and Mike made fish. It was Alaskan was soooooo good! He had caught it himself! I took my taco stuff and we had a buffet. It was nice to sit and visit with them. I am so glad God had us go to Kelly O'Dells wedding a couple of weeks ago so we could talk to them and find out they were coming out here too. They are a gift from God and a huge blessing for our family. We don't know what we would have done without them. Thanks so much!

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