Thursday, July 2, 2009

PIctures from Jadens Baptism

Here are some pics I wanted to share with you. I love this one of Jaden looking at Matt.

Embracing his boy:

His fan club that came to watch! This is my sister's family with us...Greg, Christy and Kenzie, Danielle had college so she couldn't make it. Then my parents, Danny and Pamela, and then our family...our daughters, Lauren and Brooke and Matt and I.

This is a pic of Jaden with our wonderful children's ministers Aaron and James!

This is one of us praying over him:

Great pic of Matt and Jaden!

Matt, Jaden & I was a great night we give God all the Glory and Honor. Above all we pray that Jaden will seek God first in all he does and love and serve Him daily. We are so blessed to call Jaden our son. We know he is straight from God!!

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  1. What a glorious day as parents and then for the Lord to allow Matt to do the baptism....what a gift!!!

    Praise the Lord for He does get the glory and you all are doing such an amazing job! You are blessed!!


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