Friday, July 10, 2009

Road 1

So we are cruisin down HWY 90 across SD. It's about 1:30 am. Matt's driving now. We have swapped a couple of times. Trying to do 4 hours at a time and then this baby is out of gas!! Our truck is getting about 10 miles to the galloon...yeah..figure that baby!! We are trying something new and using our Gap card to pay for the gas and earn money to buy school clothes! We can use the money earned at Old Navy too. I don't know...we aren't usually credit card people. But we will pay it off when we get back 1st thing!

We are traveling with my BFF and her family. They are the Taulmans...Rick, Nicole, Kyndal (14), Dawson (12), Eli (5) and Brynne is 3. They are pulling a pop up trailer with their Suburban...a little more leg room in that car! But with 4 kids you need it! So when you see my will see them and hear about them often.

I was honestly scared to death to pull that 5th wheel, but I did fine. Of course as soon as I get in the drivers feel like I need to suck in when we go thru them because it is so tight! But all went well. We should be in Custer, SD in about 4 hours. We are staying at the Flintstone RV park! How fun! Flashback!

Tomorrow we will go to Mt. Rushmore! Can't wait!


  1. Somehow the husbands always seem to know when construction zones are approaching...that, and stretches of two lane roads with no passing's our chance to show what great women we are! You'll do great!


  2. Steph & Matt -

    Maybe you should have got a sponsorship from Dr Pepper to help with the gas!!????!! That would require that you only drink Dr Pepper products while on vacation!

    We will be following your same route starting on the 14th and taking our camper that we have had a little over a year now. Karen has yet to pull it but I am sure she will get some time behind the wheel on this trip!

    God Bless and be safe!

    The Loewe's


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