Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 2...Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Alpine Sliding!

We arrived at Flintstone around 6 am this morning!! WOW!! It was pouring...I mean to the point I wondered if the window was going to get busted in!! I have to tell you...I was praying the whole time and all at once I said...Please God in your name make this Hail stop and show favor on us! I am telling stopped hailing. So Cool!! As we pulled in it calmed down and we got the 5th wheel all set up.

We tried to sleep in, but didn't manage to sleep long. I was so STINKY!!! I had to have a we headed up to the rock shower house and actually it wasn't that bad! I have taken showers in a lot worse... on those mission trips and YQ!!! We messed around and road our bikes for half the day just taking it easy. I loved just sitting around.

Then we headed to Crazy Horse. That is quite the story. This guy was asked to make this stone carving, he worked on it for 50 years and now his kids are continuing on the tradition. It is absolutely amazing to me! I just dont 'have the brain for that!

Next...Mt. was a very serial moment. You read about it in books and you just never think about really seeing it. It was like when I saw the Statue of LIberty for the first time. Just felt so blessed to live in this country. It absolutely blows my mind to thin about how these people did that! It seems so dangerous!! It is more than just the carvings too, they have an outdoor theater and a museum to look thru. We hung around and then left to go ALpine slidng. The kids loved this! We rode a ski lift up the Mtn and then ate dinner up there. What a great backdrop God gave us! Then we all went down the Mtn. I LOVE ALPINE SLIDING!! We have done it several times in WinterPark, and I just can't get enough. But is was $7 a time, so once was it! The kids loved it! We headed back to Mt. Rushmore hoping to watch the night show, but we were all so exhausted...we headed back to camp.

So here I am blogging outside...the weather is perfect and the scenery is so awesome. It's even alittle chilly...hope it is chilly in OKlahoma tonight!! LOL!! I have loved the trip so far. We head to Cody, WY tomorrow.

Now...I am not putting pics on here...if you want to see my pics...go to my facebook. I just don't have time to do both! Sorry! Maybe a few here and there on here!

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  1. so glad you all are having a good time! God is soo good, soo amazing, and being out in HIS creation just brings us closer to HIM.



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