Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 4...the news...not so good!

We got up and Matt and Rick went into town to check on the truck situation. They were so nice and brought us back McDonalds! After awhile...the news came...the transmission is blown in the truck...$4,000. Yea..not gonna happen. So we told the Taulmans to go on and we will see what we need to do here. A tow truck took us to a KOA campground and we are resting here. Trying to see what's the next move. We have some friends...The Lowes that are coming up here in a couple of days. I think they are going to bring a truck to bring the trailer home. We picked up my dad's truck and Matt thinks he can nurse it home.So..just pray pray pray. But the main thing is...we are all alive...not injured and it is a fixable situation, just not what we had planned. I am praying for God to reveal to me what this detour is all about. I know he will in His time. Maybe he wants us to met some new people along the way.


  1. Steph,

    I am soo soo sorry but you know I agree and will pray the Lord will show you what this detour is about! I am thankful you all are ok, you're still on vacation together as a family :) and the Lord is with each of you! I love your heart and your positive attitude!

    will be praying and waiting for this testimony!

  2. you are teaching me alot....hang in there...
    We are praying for solutions that can bless you and others.


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