Monday, July 20, 2009

Leaving Yellowstone

We headed out of Yellowstone around 11:00. We stopped at the Store and got a few souveniors for the kids. While we were in there Matt walked Lauren out to get her money...and some guy hit the 5th wheel. He just clipped the top of the bump out. It knocked off the cap. Matt told him to give him $20 and call it good. That guy is lucky my husband is so nice. We stopped and had church. Found a place by this lake and Matt gave us a little devo and the kids read scripture. It was really a great moment for our family to experience it. You know all these years we have taken youth kids to CO and experienced these moments in the mountains...but to experience it with our own kids was so precious to me. It started to rain so we had to head into the truck for communion. Jaden's first time to take it was in the truck. He was baptized a few weeks ago and this was the first time. He was sooo excited. One thing about this trip is we have prayed and came together as a family more than ever. Now...don't think they haven't argued and got in trouble...we are not perfect by any means people! LOL! Matt and keep saying as much as they have been in the car and plans changed they have really done well. I am proud of them. But am I ready to be out of the truck with them...YEA! LOL!

We headed out toward Cody, WY and ate at a Bar-B Q place there. It was soo yummy! After we left there..about an hour later we had flat #3. We are getting good at this. Maybe we should be on a pit crew for Nascar! LOL! But the only thing did a little damage to the trailer. There is a rod that goes to the bump out under there and it got bent so we don't know if we could move it out or not anymore. That pretty much was our decider that we need to just go YQ. Which were all sad about...but know it is the right decision!!

We got going again and driving out in the middle of no where there aren't many Gas stations. We made into Casper..and this is where we left my dad's truck a couple of days before. We got gas and as Matt was backing it up to leave...the truck dies and won't start...I felt like I was going to throw up! And out of no where...I am serious! I never saw this guy until he started to talk to me. He tells Matt he let it get to low on diesel and he needs to drain the line. So we call Uncle Tim and he guides Matt threw it. It finally starts and we are on our way...never saw the guy get into a car or leave. It's like he just disappeared! The truck ran really rough for awhile. I seriously thought we were done again. Finally after about 30 minutes or so it started to run again. So lesson learned...don't let a diesel get low on fuel!

We thought we could make it home...but by 2:00 am we were tired. Pulled into Limon and got a hotel and slept. We are on the road now. I am so ready to be home. I can't even wait to see my house. I love our home. There is no place like your own bed...going to the bathroom by yourself...not sharing a bathroom with 4 other people! LOL! But I would do it all over again. I loved it and I am so thankful for all the people who love us and for God who truly loves us and shows us constantly who He is and how much he wants to be the Lord of my life and wants me to always depend on Him...not others...not trucks...not wheels..not people...just Him.


  1. Steph,

    I am in constant awe of each day of this trip....your grandkids will be talking about this trip LOL! Seriously, thankyou for sharing each and every thing that happened so that no one can mistake God in this....He is Faithful and Just.He is Sovereign. He provides in every circumstance and gives us angels, protection, patience and binds us together with sweet love! He also provides Wisdom when it is time to go home :)

    love you girl! enjoy your bed, your bathroom and your quiet too!

  2. Hey Matt & Steph -

    It's about 9 am on Wednesday morning and we are at the Flintstone park here in Custer, SD. Karen and I just got read your blog and we are smiling, giggling, and a little teary eyed as well. This is a great story that your family will never forget and we are honored to be a part of it.

    We are so glad that God gave us this chance to get to know your family better. To coin one of Matt's favorite phrases, you all are awesome!

    Everything that has happened over that past couple of weeks to you and some of our other friends has shown us how powerful God can be and how he works through all of us. We were so happy to jump in and help your family as members of our church family. Then, when we found out our neighbors house burned down last Wednesday night. We felt helpless being so far away from them. We opened our house to them and asked Charlie and our life group to check in on them while we were gone. Within a couple of hours of my request, Charlie, Jim, and several of our life group members were on the scene helping them out. I can tell from talking with Chad, that this catastrohe has turned his eyes to God and we will continue to provide ministry to him and his family. We are completely in awe of His power and how he works to bring us all together in one Christian family!

    It is very clear to us that God was working on the Loewe family the past couple of weeks and we are truly humbled.

  3. Can't read much now ... I'm helping a famiy here at church pack to move back to ... WYOMING!

    I preached in Cody, WY for 9 1/2 years. I still consider it home. The pic on the title of my page is of Cody.

    Hope your trip was fantastic.



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