Friday, May 22, 2009

Date Day with my man!

Yesterday Matt and I finally got to enjoy our massage we had planned back in March. Over Spring Break our kids were at their Grandparents and so we planned a night out...that included a massage. As you heard, it was the same night Jaden broke his wrist so we had to cancel everything. But it was already paid for...which turned out to be the best thing...because it made us go do it finally! We wanted to do it before the kids get out of school on Tuesday. And OH MY!!! It was so amazing. It is called Woodhouse Spa down on Brookeside. Right above The Garlic Rose Restaurant. They are so nice and you don't feel like you are at a stuffy, to good place. I was anxious be honest the thought of someone rubbing all over me...kinda creeps me out..but I got over that quick!!! They a greet you...take you to a changing room and give you sandals, and the most amazing robe to wear. Offer you peach or raspberry sit in a pretty little room with a fireplace and wait for your name to be called all snuggled up on the couch. And then.. .the massage...oh how incredibly relaxing, and enjoyable that was!! She new exactly where to work the most because they have you fill out a sheet before letting them know where your having trouble. It lasted one hour...of pure relaxation. Now if you don't know us very well, you know this isn't something we do on a normal basis so this was a real treat!! But the best part about it was spending time with the love of my life and my best friend. With a busy life, we don't always spend time alone. We always try to spend time together after we put the kids to bed at night. I love that time. There is no one else in the world I would rather spend my time with than Matt. We can just be sitting on the porch, working in the yard, cleaning, or just sitting watching TV. We will celebrate 16 years together soon. We were just babies when we got married...we have grown up together it seems and made it thru a lot of changes, adventures, trying times, fun times, births, deaths and just life! I can't wait to see where God continues to lead us in life. We are blessed beyond our imagination! We have 3 incredible kids, we have an amazing extended family and some very faithful friends and we get to work for His kingdom every day.

So my question to you....are you spending time with your spouse? Do you put them before your kids? Some people don't like that question...they think your kids come before your relationship with your spouse..not true....And last, is God in your marriage?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Rose Bush

Just incase you don't know...our house sits on about 2 acres...and my Grandpa Stout used to have a garden where our house sits...almost all my life. Matt and I have lived here since 2001. My Grandparents lived next door, but recently passes away. This time of year I really miss him because he would always come over and give me advice as I planted my garden. I have learned so much from him over the years. He was an amazing man. In their front yard, they have this rose bush. Everyone in the family loves this rose bush. It produces some of the most amazing roses. They have a unique color and smell so great!! About 3 years ago he gave me a start from this rose bush....I couldn't even begin to tell you how he did it...I think he broke off a branch, put it in some dirt...watered it and BAM a bush developed!! I planted that bush once it got big enough and now it is getting big. I am the only one I know that has a start from that bush. He has given some to others, but I don't know if they made it. I cherish that rose bush. Every bloom reminds me of him and his sweet sweet smile, wearing those bibies...overalls. I was thinking about that rose bush as I cut the flower off of it tonight, they are so beautiful, but you have to be so careful of the thorns, you gotta cut them off or they will cut you. This might sound cheesy...but it reminded me of how God made us so perfect..we are his children and he sees us and all that we can do for His kingdom and all the love and kindness that we have in us. But there are those darn thorns that are attached to us...we get cut up and hurt by them, but it is so hard for us to take them off of us our sins...they hurt us, keep us from doing things God has in store for us, He wants to bless us and keep us safe...we just got to start cutting off those thorns...sins and let our beauty in Christ shine...not be something people are afraid to get close too because they might get hurt. So I am asking myself tonight...what thorns of sin do I have hanging onto me in life...that I can't let people get close to me...sin that is keeping me from doing God's will and the task He has planned for me while I am here?? Here are some pics of the rose bush....

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Will Rise

OK...I have a favorite new song...I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin. WOW! I would like to ask you to listen to it on is playing right now.
"I will rise when he calls my more sorrow, no more pain..I will rise...."

One of my favorite parts is:
"And I hear the voice of many angels sing...Worthy is the Lamb...and hear the cry of every longing heart...Worthy is the Lamb!!"

That just give me chills!! I can't wait to see Him some day...face to face...I will Rise when He calls my name!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crazy Love

This is a book I am reading and I have to admit..I am not a good reader. It takes a lot for me to get thru a book. Reading is not one of my strong points! So...when I say...go get this book and read is worth it!! I think I will start randomly posting a quote from it...

"Do you truly love God or just his stuff? "

Think about that today...stuff as in...heaven...his blessings...or do you really love God not wanting anything in return?

Crazy Love...go get it

"Free" Deck=Stitches

So Matt has been praying for a year that God would provide a deck for our pool. Well he did! My dad's boss said if we come take apart his deck he would give us the wood. The deck is only about 3 or 4 years old, so it is still in good shape. So Matt goes to take it apart on Friday. I get a call from him need to call the dr. I need stitches. Well if you know Matt...if he is asking to go to the must really need too! So I call Dr. Moneypenny and he says to bring him in. Matt is in Broken Arrow, which is about 30 minutes from Owasso because of the traffic. So Matt wrapped his hand in a towel and drove to Owasso. See this is where Matt's cheapness comes into play....he didn't want to have to go anywhere but the Dr because of the copay! It is only $25 for us to go to the Dr....but if he would have went to Urgent care it would be $75 and the ER is $200 copay. So he was willing to risk driving while bleeding out, hoping he didn't pass out!! Of course I am praying...please don't pass out. One thing you might not know about Matt is...he can pass out just by standing up to quick. It happens a lot around here!! Anyway, he makes it to Owasso. He told me I didn't want to see it...flesh is hanging out!! Here is the story...he was walking on the deck...he stepped on a board and it gave out...he fell to the ground about 4ft...he was carrying a another board that had the screws still in it...his hand hit the screws and ripped his hand. He got about 18 stitches!! Bless his heart! He was so frustrated with himself. We are so thankful to Dr. Moneypenny for staying late on Friday and stitching Matt up. I am so thankful it wasn't anything worse.
But you know...they alway say...nothing is free!! We will get the deck apart sometime soon hopefully. Pray for Matt's hand to heal quick! It's hard for him to be down in anyway. But I will say...he is much tougher than I am...:) I am so thankful he is such a hard worker. He amazes me!!

Mothers Day

I have had an amazing day! Woke up to the kids making sticky buns. My mom over the years has taught the kids how to make these all by themselves!! It amazes me! I would like to say they made them without arguing...but you know...they are human...:) As long as they let Lauren be the boss all goes well! LOL!! They brought them in on a tray (actually a cookie sheet because we don't have a tray). Jaden put a rose on the tray and they made me coffee too. They had made a cute poster and got me one of those cards you record their voices. It was so cute to hear their voices on it. Jaden made me a PVC pipe cross...which if you know him..he loves to make things. I will post a pic. Lauren bought me 2 rose bush plants, and Brooke gave me a pot she made out of napkins with a flower to go in it. I feel so loved!
Last night they made my favorite chocolate cake!! You know the one on the back of the Hershey Cocoa box. OMG!! That is a little bit of Heaven right there! Me and the kids made it together. That was so fun. I love cooking and hanging out with them. That is the best gift I can ever get...time having fun with them.
For years I have told Matt I want a board to paint to be able to chart their heights on the board, and we are going to paint it at some point. YEAH!! Last week I ordered my sister the coolest necklace with her kids names on it...I couldn't resist ordering myself one too and telling Matt is was from him..:) Don't you just love those gifts...but I am so serious when I say...get online and get you one too!! They are darling!! I will post a pic! I got my mom and mother-in-laws one for Christmas and I think they wear them all the I plan too. The website it Take a look! My friend Nicole got me hooked!
Matt preached today, which I always love hearing him so that was a gift for me today too. I miss hearing him every week like I was used to when we were in the youth. He has a gift from God to speak I feel like.
We had lunch at my parents with my sis and her kids. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to live close to them and be able to share these times with them. I love my family and can't imagine my life without them.
So I have just had the best mom's day ever I feel like. We have come a long way...there was a time when Matt wasn't so great at these things...God love time he even forgot to get a card...YIKES! Just needed a little training..LOL!! Now I can honestly say...he is great at it! He tries really hard to make this weekend great and I appreciate him soo much! I have an amazing life...I am so thankful to be a mom of three and a wife to Matt. That's me..stephtmomof3 :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jaden's Cast Off!

Well after 5 weeks Jaden got his cast off! He was so excited to get it off! He has been very cautious and working his way back to moving it and using it again. We ended up with 2 full cast and one 1/2 cast. He did so well them all and learned how to write with his left hand thru all of this. He amazed me how he didn't complain or let it slow him down. I will say...he did enjoy letting us help him to the chores he didn't want to do!! LOL! So here is a few pics of his last 2 cast.
The pictures are actually backwards...the Top one is the last cast he got which was a 1/2 cast and the bottom one is the 2nd cast he got that went above his elbow.

Easter 09

Well for several reasons that I will explain later, I haven't had much time to update my blog. Several of you have asked me to update!! So here you is my dad's picture from Easter with the kids. He is so good to us and we know and feel His healing power. We had a great day and celebrated Jesus with our family!! Our God Reigns and will forever!!