Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Rose Bush

Just incase you don't know...our house sits on about 2 acres...and my Grandpa Stout used to have a garden where our house sits...almost all my life. Matt and I have lived here since 2001. My Grandparents lived next door, but recently passes away. This time of year I really miss him because he would always come over and give me advice as I planted my garden. I have learned so much from him over the years. He was an amazing man. In their front yard, they have this rose bush. Everyone in the family loves this rose bush. It produces some of the most amazing roses. They have a unique color and smell so great!! About 3 years ago he gave me a start from this rose bush....I couldn't even begin to tell you how he did it...I think he broke off a branch, put it in some dirt...watered it and BAM a bush developed!! I planted that bush once it got big enough and now it is getting big. I am the only one I know that has a start from that bush. He has given some to others, but I don't know if they made it. I cherish that rose bush. Every bloom reminds me of him and his sweet sweet smile, wearing those bibies...overalls. I was thinking about that rose bush as I cut the flower off of it tonight, they are so beautiful, but you have to be so careful of the thorns, you gotta cut them off or they will cut you. This might sound cheesy...but it reminded me of how God made us so perfect..we are his children and he sees us and all that we can do for His kingdom and all the love and kindness that we have in us. But there are those darn thorns that are attached to us...we get cut up and hurt by them, but it is so hard for us to take them off of us our sins...they hurt us, keep us from doing things God has in store for us, He wants to bless us and keep us safe...we just got to start cutting off those thorns...sins and let our beauty in Christ shine...not be something people are afraid to get close too because they might get hurt. So I am asking myself tonight...what thorns of sin do I have hanging onto me in life...that I can't let people get close to me...sin that is keeping me from doing God's will and the task He has planned for me while I am here?? Here are some pics of the rose bush....


  1. What a beautiful post Steph! and what a tribute to your grandpa. He would be so proud of you and all you have become! Your such a light to so many and I am ever thankful to be given the opportunity at such a times as this to get to know you even more!

  2. Thanks for the visit to Family Fountain and nice comments ... and for the prayers for Jenny. My son will also begin a youth ministry position this summer, but his will be year round (he is out of college). So, I'll have 2 youth minister kids this summer! Our prayers for your family. WB


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