Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

I have had an amazing day! Woke up to the kids making sticky buns. My mom over the years has taught the kids how to make these all by themselves!! It amazes me! I would like to say they made them without arguing...but you know...they are human...:) As long as they let Lauren be the boss all goes well! LOL!! They brought them in on a tray (actually a cookie sheet because we don't have a tray). Jaden put a rose on the tray and they made me coffee too. They had made a cute poster and got me one of those cards you record their voices. It was so cute to hear their voices on it. Jaden made me a PVC pipe cross...which if you know him..he loves to make things. I will post a pic. Lauren bought me 2 rose bush plants, and Brooke gave me a pot she made out of napkins with a flower to go in it. I feel so loved!
Last night they made my favorite chocolate cake!! You know the one on the back of the Hershey Cocoa box. OMG!! That is a little bit of Heaven right there! Me and the kids made it together. That was so fun. I love cooking and hanging out with them. That is the best gift I can ever get...time having fun with them.
For years I have told Matt I want a board to paint to be able to chart their heights on the board, and we are going to paint it at some point. YEAH!! Last week I ordered my sister the coolest necklace with her kids names on it...I couldn't resist ordering myself one too and telling Matt is was from him..:) Don't you just love those gifts...but I am so serious when I say...get online and get you one too!! They are darling!! I will post a pic! I got my mom and mother-in-laws one for Christmas and I think they wear them all the I plan too. The website it Take a look! My friend Nicole got me hooked!
Matt preached today, which I always love hearing him so that was a gift for me today too. I miss hearing him every week like I was used to when we were in the youth. He has a gift from God to speak I feel like.
We had lunch at my parents with my sis and her kids. I can't tell you how blessed I feel to live close to them and be able to share these times with them. I love my family and can't imagine my life without them.
So I have just had the best mom's day ever I feel like. We have come a long way...there was a time when Matt wasn't so great at these things...God love time he even forgot to get a card...YIKES! Just needed a little training..LOL!! Now I can honestly say...he is great at it! He tries really hard to make this weekend great and I appreciate him soo much! I have an amazing life...I am so thankful to be a mom of three and a wife to Matt. That's me..stephtmomof3 :)

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