Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jaden's Cast Off!

Well after 5 weeks Jaden got his cast off! He was so excited to get it off! He has been very cautious and working his way back to moving it and using it again. We ended up with 2 full cast and one 1/2 cast. He did so well them all and learned how to write with his left hand thru all of this. He amazed me how he didn't complain or let it slow him down. I will say...he did enjoy letting us help him to the chores he didn't want to do!! LOL! So here is a few pics of his last 2 cast.
The pictures are actually backwards...the Top one is the last cast he got which was a 1/2 cast and the bottom one is the 2nd cast he got that went above his elbow.

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