Friday, May 22, 2009

Date Day with my man!

Yesterday Matt and I finally got to enjoy our massage we had planned back in March. Over Spring Break our kids were at their Grandparents and so we planned a night out...that included a massage. As you heard, it was the same night Jaden broke his wrist so we had to cancel everything. But it was already paid for...which turned out to be the best thing...because it made us go do it finally! We wanted to do it before the kids get out of school on Tuesday. And OH MY!!! It was so amazing. It is called Woodhouse Spa down on Brookeside. Right above The Garlic Rose Restaurant. They are so nice and you don't feel like you are at a stuffy, to good place. I was anxious be honest the thought of someone rubbing all over me...kinda creeps me out..but I got over that quick!!! They a greet you...take you to a changing room and give you sandals, and the most amazing robe to wear. Offer you peach or raspberry sit in a pretty little room with a fireplace and wait for your name to be called all snuggled up on the couch. And then.. .the massage...oh how incredibly relaxing, and enjoyable that was!! She new exactly where to work the most because they have you fill out a sheet before letting them know where your having trouble. It lasted one hour...of pure relaxation. Now if you don't know us very well, you know this isn't something we do on a normal basis so this was a real treat!! But the best part about it was spending time with the love of my life and my best friend. With a busy life, we don't always spend time alone. We always try to spend time together after we put the kids to bed at night. I love that time. There is no one else in the world I would rather spend my time with than Matt. We can just be sitting on the porch, working in the yard, cleaning, or just sitting watching TV. We will celebrate 16 years together soon. We were just babies when we got married...we have grown up together it seems and made it thru a lot of changes, adventures, trying times, fun times, births, deaths and just life! I can't wait to see where God continues to lead us in life. We are blessed beyond our imagination! We have 3 incredible kids, we have an amazing extended family and some very faithful friends and we get to work for His kingdom every day.

So my question to you....are you spending time with your spouse? Do you put them before your kids? Some people don't like that question...they think your kids come before your relationship with your spouse..not true....And last, is God in your marriage?


  1. How wonderful for you and Matt! I am soo happy you were able to spend the evening together and uh...I think I will be making an appt for Brian and I :) Sounds uh ma zing! we need it after this week!
    Yes, in answer to your question. I thought for years that my children were to come first and found out how wrong that way of thinking was. It took "practice" to put each other first and to release alot of guilt but it truly is a gift to your children to let them see how important it is to love, to work and to keep your marriage healthy and alive in love and the ONLY way you can do this is to keep God first and head of your own lives and marriage. Our kids KNOW their parents truly and madly love one another and will be together NO MATTER WHAT! That is a peace and assurance that in this world is priceless!
    Thanks for posing the question for all your readers...
    love ya

  2. Thanks for your incredible example Loren!! You are amazing!! And yes...go get the massage!! You will LOVE it sister!! The only thing is...I wish they had a couples changing room...hubba hubba!!! LOL!!

  3. I tagged you on my blog. Do it!


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