Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RV trip "Take One"

My main purpose in starting this blog was so I could blog our family RV trip this summer. So here is the first official post on the RV trip. My amazing Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim are letting us use their 5th Wheel on our trip and Matt's dad and stepmom are letting use their truck to pull it with! How blessed are we??? WOW!
So as soon as school was out we headed to Branson to pick up the 5th wheel. Here are some pictures I would like to share with you. This is where is was parked at their campground in Branson:

Here is a picture of Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim with the kids in front of the 5th wheel.

Here is the Truck that Matt's Dad is letting us use...we could run over anything in this sucker! It's a nice truck!

This is the whole package! Looks great!

Rhonda had some Gnomes at her Campground...but now they are going on our trip! Haha! We stole your Gnomes!!

We made a sign to send to her when we got home...

Next...clean and get it ready!! We can't wait to GO!!

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