Sunday, June 14, 2009

My little missionary in training

Our middle daughter Brooke...she has never been shy. She would perform for anyone at of the best gifts we ever bought her was a karaoke machine. Loves it and sings on it all the time.
Well, I am beginning to see where God is going with all this talent and charisma. Her Wednesday night class at church made 100 pb & J sandwiches today, decorated brown sacks, put cards in them telling them Jesus loved them...put an apple and chips in there too. Here is a pic of them making them...

We loaded all the food that our church raised from Fight Night...Brooke climbed in the cart and got all the food we couldn't reach...again...not afraid..

Here is the whole group!

We went downtown to the YMCA today. Her teacher Stephanie Lietzke works at Rejoice and she heard that they go down there every 2nd Sunday and give out lunches and water to the homeless so she planned this trip for the 5th grade class. We passed out the lunches...I watched Brooke and she was just a natural. Doesn't know a stranger.
They park their bus there and just start handing out the bags of food:

I was trying to be sensitive about taking pictures...I didn't want to offend the homeless people. But I really wanted to take a pic of Brooke with them. I sat in Steph's van and took a few.
Even got a visit from a Cop who had arrested a Gag member and used him as a lesson...She wanted to go inside the Y and give more Steph L. takes her in there. Then we had extra sacks and walked (which was about a mile or more round trip) to the Day Center and Salvation Army on the out sandwiches...Brooke wanting to be the one to give them...tell them we are praying for them and that Jesus loves them. She absolutely amazed me with her zeal. Steph L. and her would make a great team really...not afraid...always ready to reach out to the lost and hurting. She met a woman on the way...who is still on my heart tonight...her name is Vicki. She is living in the Day Center, just pray for her please. After we left there we went to John 3:16 and gave them the food our church raised during our FIGHT NIGHT...which is kinda like VBS. While we were waiting, we found about 10 sandwiches in the van in a sack...what does that Brooke do..gets them...jumps out of the van and starts passing them out to the complete strangers...that honestly...were scary in looks...mostly men. I was praying for protection. We ran out of sandwiches...and she time we are making twice as much to take...that's twice as many people help mom. I was so proud of this girl of mine. God has given her an ability to speak to people without hesitating or judging them. I love when our kids teach us and remind of us of a Child like faith. So we will be going back soon. I was so thankful God put this on the heart of Steph and Suzan her teachers. It was an amazing day! Can't wait to see where God leads my Brookie!

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  1. Steph,

    She has the heart of her parents and her Heavenly Father clearly! You are doing an amazing job teaching her in the way she should go and nurturing the God given gifts! Way to go to you both!

    Love ya


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