Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SIx Unimportant things that make me happy..

Well My dear Friend Nicole is the queen blogger and she is making me do this!! LOL! I am not so good at these things...but here ya go...this is just for Taulman Times!!! I kinda feel like this is a confession of my sins or something!!

1. I love to sit and eat chocolate and drink a Dr. Pepper at some point during the day.

2. I love to garden and plant flowers, it makes me feel connected to my grandparents...both sides.

3. I love to watch Young and the Restless and I don't like to be bugged while watching it.

4. Cereal for supper.

5. Hot bubble baths...I take several a week.

6. I love to take pictures and would love to have my own photography studio some day!

I am Tagging:
1. Nicole
2. Liberty
3. Kristina
4. Sheri
5. Hannah
6. Liz

When you do it, mention my blog, post your six things and tag six people.

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