Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Power Washing the Outside...

So we drove it home without wreaking it or killing anyone. One of the main issues is all 3 kids have to sit by each other in the truck...we might consider tying one to the top..:) think I'm kidding...I did check to see what states it's legal for them to ride in the 5th Wheel. Ok ok...I won't do that! But you would be amazed that there are some states that let you do it!
The 5th Wheel has been sitting under the trees for awhile so I had to power wash the is what it looked like before..

There was this green stuff on it:

Here it is parked in our driveway...My Aunt called me Trailer Trash!!

The other side:

So I power washed it and I will post the clean pick! My parents let us use their power washer...which I love that thing!! I power washed my porches, the house...heck if I could bring it inside and power wash the inside I would!!!

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