Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on Deck

A month or so ago...Matt was taking apart a deck and cut his hand and had to have stitches. I am glad to report he is doing great...but still sore. At that point our deck came to a stop because he couldn't work on it. Here is a pick for you of what it looked like: It isn't a great was taken with an old camera!

And I have no clue what to do!! But this past weekend we started working on it again. I don't know about you..but I am a visual person. When Matt tried to explain...bless his heart he big this sucker would be..I just didn't get it! Now...I do! Here is a picture of how far we have gotten on the deck. IT IS HUGE!! I love it though. We have been so blessed with this pool and we would love to have people over and when this is finished we will have room for them! And it won't be dangerous for their children to get in our pool once it is finished. I can't wait! Matt absolutely amazes me with his ability to make things. I could never figure this stuff out like he does. I appreciate his talents! But just like everything in our takes working together to get it done! So yes...I have nailed and screwed in so many things myself..along with the kids! We do it together!

Here are the little details we are working on:

We are hoping to be done by this weekend. I don't know if that will happen...but we will try!! :) It will be awesome!!


  1. How fun for you guys! and very good job too!
    Brian is that way ~ He can do anything but until I see it you can forget it, I never know what he is talking about LOL

    Happy Building :)
    Love ya

  2. Thanks Loren :) Come swim anytime!!


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