Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

One thing about being in the ministry is a lot of holidays end up on Sunday it seems. I have always wished Father's day could be on a different day for Matt's sake. We have even done it on a different day some years. But that is the road we are called to walk on and we just have to make the best of it. :) The kids always like to make sticky buns whenever it is a day to celebrate someone...moms day, bdays or dads day. They get up and make them as a team all by themselves. Lauren is in charge and usually all goes long as they listen!! And they always taste really great! My mom taught them how to make the buns over time and they have pretty much perfected it! So we got up early to make Matt his sticky buns...of course he was already gone by the time I woke them up at 6 am. They made the buns and we got all ready for church and met him in his office at 7:45 am. Here is a pic of him eating his sticky buns!!

We couldn't wait until after church to give him his let me tell you about this gift. Matt and I have always been the type that we don't get gifts for each other usually. When we first got married we were so poor that we couldn't afford too, and then over time, we just didn't do it. But every once in awhile we just find things that we really want to get each other and go for it! He has really needed some new sunglasses for a long time. He isn't one to spend money...ever...and especially buy something nice for himself...but having nice sunglasses is always something he loves! He had a nice pair of once and they got stolen at TAG, then last year he had a nice pair again..laid them on the side of the pool while cleaning it and our dog chewed them up! Poor Guy!! Last week I noticed him looking at some on craiglist...I tried to get them, but they sold to fast. So I started to pray...ok Lord, you know this is a lot of money for us to spend on something and Matt would never spend that kind of money on sunglasses (neither would I) and I needed him to help me figure something out! I waited and waited and finally around 5:00 pm Sat night, a good friend of Matt's works at a place they sale them, I called him, he said I will give you 40% off...come get some. The kids all agreed to pitch in $10 of their own and glasses!! We were all so excited because we knew he would LOVE them!! So here he is opening them and then wearing them with the kids...

Even last night he keep saying I love these glasses...thank you so much. That just makes me feel so good to know I made him happy! See I am a gift giver! I love to give gifts to people! I can't hardly wait when I get someone a good a kid! Matt truly deserves nice things. I just felt like he has been working so hard on our deck and around the house that he totally deserved something to show how much we appreciate all he does.
His dad, Gary and his step mom Marilyn came in town to hear Matt preach yesterday and stayed to have lunch with us. We were so glad to have both our dads here. This is Matt and his dad.

This is my dad & I. We are so blessed to have him with us this year. Last year...wasn't so good for him and his health. But God is so good to us and His healing power amazes me still every time I look at my dad. I am thankful our relationship is so different now. Make sure you read his shirt.

Ok...this funny...but sweet too. The whole time we are at my moms (which is down the street) Jaden wanted to go get our go cart...because he has made Matt a sign on it. Well we are outside and next thing I know Jaden is coming down the street with this sign attached to the go cart. It is waving in the wind! It was so funny! It is a piece of paper on a stick, duct taped to the go cart...that says Happy Fathers Day. He totally came up with all by himself and I had no idea he was doing it! He is a good gift giver too...trying to train him up to be a good husband someday! LOL! But seriously...Jaden worships Matt. He wants to be just like him and thinks his daddy knows everything. I love that...I love that Matt is such a great dad. The girls love him so much too. He is so good with them and the love and respect him so much. Thank you God for giving me a great husband and dad for my kids. So blessed!


  1. your love for Matt has always and still does inspire me so much. i just love you and am so glad to get to see you a little more soon :)


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