Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game Changer...the Principal's Office

I've made a Game Changer decision that has landed me in the Principal's office.

What is it? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat...screaming TELL US!!

Ok...maybe not that dramatic...but it was for me.

Ya'll know I've subbed for quite some time now. I've got my favorite schools to
sub at. The 6th grade center being #1 on that list...so when my friend Christy let me
know she would be leaving this year, I thought...hmmm if I could have that job
I think I could handle working full time. Throughout the year Mrs. Kelsey...
aka Principal...would ask me if I have thought about taking the JOB. Which I
had always told Matt that I would be a great secretary if he would just pay me for
all the things I already do around here & at the church for me I could make it official!

I began to pray about whether or not God was leading me to take this job or not. Mrs.
Kelsey called to set up my interview & I asked God to give me clarity during the interview.
I rallied all my Prayer Warriors & asked them to pray for me. During the interview I told Mrs.
Kelsey... "I knew she would be interviewing a lot of people for this job".
That's when she stopped me in the middle of my sentence & said,"Nope just you".
Um...excuse me...just me...little ol me? That can't be what she just said?!?! And then
proceeded to tell me that God had laid me on her heart for the job & I needed to go home
& pray about it & make sure that's what God was leading me to do.

I know right? How often do you have someone in charge tell you to seek God? Not often.

So I had prayed for clarity & received it. Wow. Not to say I'm not terribly nervous & scared
to work full time....because I am, but I know God lead me to it & He will lead me thru it.

What does a Principal Secretary do you ask? Well...I will be in charge of all the
finances of the entire school & keeping the principal informed & organized. Lots of
new things to learn this week as I train.

Working full time...something I didn't see coming, but I am excited to take this
step. It will also allow us to save for college & do a few things we have wanted
to do financially for awhile.

Any Advice from you working moms???

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello Again...

It's almost been a month since my last post. I didn't set out to stop blogging...
it just kinda happened.

Working full time & trying to keep up with my life just became a lot for me to
handle to be honest & something had to give...blogging was something I had to
let go of.

I have made a life changing decision...went on several trips...had end of the
school year activities...3 weddings...3 graduations...survived a tornado
just to name a few things.

I hope to start sharing with you soon about all these things.

I'm just trying to decide if God is still calling me to blog & if so...why & what?

One thing for sure is...I miss reading all of your blogs & knowing what is going
on in your lives. So don't be surprise if you get several comments from me in one day
when I start stalking all of you one by one.

Talk Soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Becoming Less....Unsettle me

.6lbs down this week. Altogether I've lost 7.8lbs...I had hoped that number would
be higher at this point, but I know I'm not sacrificing as I should.

Unsettle me...In Chapter 17 in MTC she asked the question...
"Is discipline really sustainable?"

Tricky question huh? Some may answer yes...some say no. Or maybe on our
own...no...with God...absolutely YES!

Have you ever been put in a place where you are longing for something? I mean
really in desperation? I can only think of a few times when I was running & I needed
water so bad that I might pass out. I have been stranded in Wyoming needed a ride
& God provided. But seriously...I have never been in desperate need for much.

But I think it's a place I need to get too in this journey. Slight desperation...where all
I have is God to get me thru this. Have I emptied myself enough to allow His spirit
to make me truly holy as I am made for?

One thing she said just slapped me in the face...
"Getting to a place where our lack of strength disgust us".
Oh I have been disgusted with myself thru this journey & my lack of
discipline. Enough to say no & cling to Him? No...not all the time.

I need to be "unsettled" in my walk with God. I need to crave intimacy with
God & unleash my heart from the bondage of sin.

"Rattle loose my complacent excuses and break apart my stubborn refusals to look,
really look at whatever pulls my heart away from God."....MTC

Trying daily to be deeply satisfied with God...not cheap imitations.

I love you friends. May we all be Unsettle.

He must become greater...I must become less. John 3:30

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday so let's count some JOYs in our lives!!

This time next week I will be in NASHVILLE with all my 
PWs!! I can't wait!!!

I have been sick this week & my HBL has been amazing.
He takes care of me so good & does so many little things
for me to help out. You're awesome Matt!!

Chloraseptic...oh my word...I have sprayed a ton 
of that stuff in my throat this week. 


My kids teachers. They are amazing.
It's teacher appreciation week & I hope they know
how much I adore them!

Got to take this pretty girls pics this weekend & practice my

Thanks Sierra!

Hot baths...nothing like it.

Lauren made it in the top 50 in FFA & got to go
to OKC for the State Convention. It was hard to let her
go so far without me, but she is having so much fun!

Mother's Day is this weekend...so thankful God 
gave me such an incredible mom.
I love you MOM!!

God always sees me thru & give me the strength I need to 
accomplish something. I praise Him for his love & mercy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

WOMMM? Working Moms

I am subbing in Kindergarten until the last of school.


Leaving the house at 8:00 am & coming home around 4:30. 
I'm not gonna lie...it's killing me. 

With 3 kids...someone always needs to go somewhere or there is
the grocery store...working out...cleaning the house...time alone...& most importantly
spending time with God & with my family every day & not being 
totally exhausted. 

I seriously admire all you moms who work full time. It's a tough gig. 
I really have to manage my time in order to get things done. 

Pure exhaustion. Kindergarteners demand a lot of your time & attention.
Someone is always tugging at you or at each other. When I come home
my feet are killing me. 

Have I whined enough yet???

The bright side is, I love the team of ladies I work with. They are fabulous.
Really...no lie. I couldn't make it with out them. I enjoy my time with them.

God has blessed me with this subbing job...I know that. Summers are always
expensive with camps & summer fun. So I know He is providing for us thru this
job. I also have so many opportunities to show His love to others at our school.

To end this...I'm asking for prayers. My throat is killing me. I am worried I might
have strep. NO!! I am going to the Dr. today to figure it out. And I am asking 
you to pray for my time management & endurance to finish the end of school. 
Our calendar is JAM packed until the end of May. I get grouchy & irritated
when I am tired & I feel like my house is out of sorts. Pray for my time 
alone with God & that I will put that first. 

Ok...so there you have it. I absolutely admire full time working moms. They
ROCK. I am a wimp. Enough said! But I will press on & accept the challenge
laid before me...to teach Kindergarteners to sit in their chairs & listen. 
Yah...RIGHT!! LOL!
Happy Monday!! Have a great week! 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Becoming Less...Diets

OH mercy! Sorry this is so late. I haven't had time to sit at my computer & type!
Working full time is killing me! I know I know...sad huh?
Get over it right? Ho hum.

I stayed the same this week. NOthing new.

Chapter 16 in Made to Crave=Diets

This week I would like to focus on Diets or the lack there of...
Notice how DIET is a four letter word? Why yes it is Steph.
Does that make it a naughty word? Maybe.

I have done all types of diets...really I have. It's reDONKulous as my
girls say. Are you ready for this...yes...I have even taken diet pills.
The shame. I hate even admitting that to anyone...much less put it on
my blog. But I said it & it's out there now.

Infact...thru this I have had weak moments where I have been tempted
to run back to them. Run back to being held captive instead of being
set free from the love of food. It's an easy way for me to give up & give
in. I think...so many people do it...it's ok. It's really not though, not for me.
Because I am not being obedient when I take them.
Can you say "Rationalize??"

I get tired of sacrificing & my self efforts wear thin. "We aren't to flee food.
But we are to flee the control food can have on our lives." MDC
I am not on a diet..I am on a journey of obedience with God. This is a life long
journey that he is leading me on.

So I'm not saying...Steph you are on a diet...because diets stink & I fail at them.
It's a life style change...seeking to obey.

I really am asking for prayer this week. This week is Teacher Appreciation week
at my school & there will be LOADS of food coming every day. Yummy, gooey,
sweet things that will be calling my name. It was a very stressful week last week at
school & I felt myself seeking comfort in food. I am seriously asking for you to pray
for me this week as I resist the temptation to seek food for a stress relief & comfort.

He must become greater...I must become less. John 3:30