Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Count It all JOY Wednesday!!

It's Wednesday so let's count some JOYs in our lives!!

This time next week I will be in NASHVILLE with all my 
PWs!! I can't wait!!!

I have been sick this week & my HBL has been amazing.
He takes care of me so good & does so many little things
for me to help out. You're awesome Matt!!

Chloraseptic...oh my word...I have sprayed a ton 
of that stuff in my throat this week. 


My kids teachers. They are amazing.
It's teacher appreciation week & I hope they know
how much I adore them!

Got to take this pretty girls pics this weekend & practice my

Thanks Sierra!

Hot baths...nothing like it.

Lauren made it in the top 50 in FFA & got to go
to OKC for the State Convention. It was hard to let her
go so far without me, but she is having so much fun!

Mother's Day is this thankful God 
gave me such an incredible mom.
I love you MOM!!

God always sees me thru & give me the strength I need to 
accomplish something. I praise Him for his love & mercy.


  1. Great photos!! Hope you feel better soon!! Have a great time in Nashville!!

  2. Great job on the photo shoot. She is a beautiful girl. OMgosh! I have been sick this week too. Stayed in bed Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning. It was horrible. Achy, fever, headache, sleep all the time...crazy sick.
    Hope you are better now. I am getting there. My family took care of me too. Probably those kinders gave it to you. :)


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