Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strike a Pose...Photobooth style

OF course you all know I love to take pictures.
But I am rarely in them.

My niece had a photobooth at her wedding.
I love these things. One of the best ideas out there
if you ask me! The couple gets a copy of each picture
their guest takes. HOW awesome is that??

Thought I would share them with you.

The Bride...my beautiful niece Danielle...I love her so much.
Now....this is back in 1992...Danielle was 4.

 My cousins Laura & Sheryl, my mom, my sis & I
 MY Cousin Laura & I
 My BFF from College Lana
 Me & HBL
 My niece Kenzie & I

 My Girls...

 My Sister & I
 Matt & Jaden

 Have you ever been in a Photobooth?
If not I highly recommend it!!
Tons of fun!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Armed & Dangerous

Roadtrip with Matt, Bobby & Liz
Nashville, Tennesee
140 Pastors Wives
 5 star Hotel

For months I waited & dreamed of the day I would get to spend 3 days with all these amazing 
ladies. I have meet several of them before, briefly here & there, but never had we been able to
spend time together just hanging out. Until now. 

Though I don't get to see them on a regular basis these ladies have became my life line 
in friendships. They get me & connect with me in ways that no one ever has. They pour
into my life & give me a sense of normalcy. I truly love our times together.

Let's start with Liz. Liz is Bobby's wife. They are the Campus leaders at our 
Stone Canyon Campus. I love this girl, she is full of life & love for Jesus. 
Vanessa...been ready to meet her for a long time! 
love her! She & I had a precious prayer time together that blessed my life!

Cyndi...she is a spunky fun gal! Love her!

Enjoying a little Chocolate fountain at the Mocktail party!

My Virtual Community group!! 
Can't even express how much I they have enriched my life!
Joy, Beth & Susanne...we missed Kate & Rachel though!

Inside of our Hotel...um yes..gorgeous!!

Amazing Race Day! 
Are we Armed & Dangerous or WhAT?
Liz was serious about this game! 
We ran all over downtown Nashville!

Our Amazing Team!
Can us see how red faced we are???

 And Lori...this lady has changed my life in ways she doesn't even get.
I was a lonely...sad...doubting I would ever have a close friend again PW
 when we spoke almost 2 years ago on the phone 
Her heart for PWs oozes out of her life. 
I adore her. Las Vegas is to far. 

Jammin & Jammies night!

JOy & I in our PJs!!

My roomies...snug as a bug.

20th century FOx provided our lunch one day to inform 
us about all the ministry opportunities they provide.
I HAD no idea!

The Leading & Loving Team

Lisa Young, Liz, Joy, Jessica, me & Brandi hanging out!

Tiffany Cooper...She & her husband are at People's church in OKC.
Great heart for PWs & leads our groups. 
Definitely having lunch with her soon!

And Jenn! We meet in a VCG awhile ago & have kept up with 
each other since! So glad to hug her neck!!

The first night Joy & shared how we meet & how our 
friendship has grown over the year. What a blessing!

To sum it up...one of the best few days I've had in a long time.
Very emotional as I left those ladies that day...cried my eyes out pretty much.
 I wish I could take them all home with me. 
We worshiped...prayed & loved on each other in ways
that I can't even express in words. I look so forward to our time together soon.
I love you all & I am so grateful God put you in my life. 

p.s. Matt & Bobby had their own hotel down the street at a little 
less than 5 stars...lol. Thanks guys for taking us out there!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog made into a book????

OH MY MERCY!!! Can I tell you how excited I am?????
I am squealing with excitement!!!

I have to admit...I had pretty much decided not to blog anymore.

Last night I met with my amazing PWs on Skype & they told me
the most fabulous news!!! Rachel & Kate informed me that you can
make your blogs into a book!! SAY WHAT??? YES People!!!

Back track...I used to scrapbook all the time. My friend & I would even
go for a entire weekend & scrap. But...life got busy...things changed &
I no longer scrapbook, I had no motivation.  Sad huh?

But Kate & Rachel shared with me how you can take your blog &
have it made into a book. For real?? Rachel even showed me hers online.
I LOVE IT!! To me...this is the answer I have been looking for. I don't have
time to scrapbook & blog...but I can print my blog & it will be my scrapbook!!
I can't even tell you how excited I am about this! It changes everything for me &
my decision to continue to blog.

SOme of you are probably saying...well duh Steph...we know you can do this,
where have you been living under need a ROCK? Well...I guess I have!!

Where do you go for this fabulous gift??? Here is the link...it's called
Blog 2 Print.
Enjoy! And you will be hearing from me again soon!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Getting our hair did!!!

Kristen came to the lake to fix our hair. She did a fabulous job!!! My girls looked way
older with all the make up & hair done! YIKES! Glad they are not the type of girls
who like to get all "fixed up" or we might be in trouble!!
The Bride
I embroidered these bags for them with their names & then
they blinged them out with jewels! So cute!
Ok...Brooke looks way to old in this...so pretty though.
The Bride...stunning!
Notice it says "future"

They all looked so good! She also did our hair too. Made me feel so pretty!
love getting all done up once in awhile!!

Here comes the Bride...Rehearsal.

My niece Danielle married her sweet man Lonnie this weekend. It's been 2 years worth of planning.
I am so proud of them. She was absolutely stunning!!! They got married in Eureka Springs, Ark
@ the Crescent Hotel. It was a beautiful wedding. My girls were her bridesmaids. I have a TON
of pics that I want to share with you!! So just bare with me!! I am PROUD AUNT!!

Bridal Luncheon @ The Crumpet Tea Room
Rehearsal Dinner...Lonnie's sister Alice made Crawfish Etouffee.
It was so yummy!!
Ms. Donna & Ms. Janet had these adorable cookies made!
The cute couple!!
Me & My girl
The Bridal Party

We had a blast hanging out together the day before. 
Steve & Janet let them have the Rehearsal dinner at their
beautiful home on the lake. Thanks to everyone who helped
make it happen!!