Monday, August 31, 2009

Let the old life crumble...let it fade..

Well, that is my new motto...

I am trying to do this in lots of ways. Now...I am not trying to become a totally different person because I don't like my self or anything like that! I"m not going all weird or anything!! I just know there are some bad habits that I have fallen into and some that have been life long that I need to allow God to change in me. Food and exercise have been 2 major struggles all my life that I have had a hard time overcoming. I always start off with good intentions, then fall back into my old habits. I could really use some help and encouragement. I want to be healthy. I want to give those healthy habits to our children. I have always felt it is a stronghold on my life that I allow Satan to use to tear me down. I haven't ever fully given these 2 things to God without wanting them back at any weak moment. So just wanted to throw this out here on this blog...go keep me accountable. I might want to beat you up for it...but I know it is what is best for me!!

Herbed Chicken Piccata

Ok..haven't made it yet, but sounds really good and light. I will make it this week and let you know.

Herbed Chicken Piccata
2 tablespoons dry bread crumbs
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
1/8 teaspoon pepper
2 cloves garlic mined
16 ounces boned and skinned chicken breast halves
Cooking spray
1 teaspoon margarine
8 thin slices lemon
1/4 cup low-salt chicken broth
2 tablespoons fresh parsley chopped
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Combine first 5 ingredients in a shallow dish; set aside.
Place chicken between 2 sheets of heavy-duty plastic wrap; flatten to 1/4 inch thickness, using a meat mallet or rolling pin. Lightly coat both sides of chicken with cooking spray; dredge chicken in bread crumb mixture.
Melt margarine in a large nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray over medium-high heat. Add chicken; cook 4 minutes on each side or until done. Remove chicken from skillet. Set aside; keep warm. Add lemon slices to skillet; saute 30 seconds. Add broth, parsley, and lemon juice; cook 1 minute. Spoon sauce over chicken.
Makes 4 servings.
Per serving: 199 Calories; 3g Fat (12% calories from fat); 30g Protein; 28g Carbohydrate; 66mg Cholesterol; 119mg Sodium
Food Exchanges: 3 1/2 Lean Meat; 1 1/2 Fruit


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies

1 cup of Ice
1 c. milk (I like skim)
1 c. yogurt (I use Light N Fit) High in protein
1 c. of any fruit ( I buy frozen from has pineapple, mango, strawberries and peaches)
1 pk of splenda if you want
1 to 2 TB of Flaxseed (depends on what your family can handle)

Put in the blender and there you go! I doubled this and it made enough for all 5 of us to have some. Then I made another batch and froze it for Ice cream.

Send me any healthy kid approved Recipes!! I need them!!

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ok Girls! Here ya go! Lots of you wanted it and it was just easier to put it on here than FB. It's actually on the back of the Gold Medal flour bag.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

3/4 c. sugar
3/4 c. packed brown sugar
1 c. butter softened
1 tsp. vanilla
1 egg (I substituted flax seed: 1 TB Flax seed 3 TB water)
2 cups Gold Medal Whole wheat flour (or any brand)
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips

Heat oven to 375 degrees. In a large bowl, stir sugars, butter, vanilla, and egg (or flax seed) until well blended. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt. Stir in Chocolate chips.
Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. Bake 8 to 10 min. Be careful not to over bake with the wheat it's hard to tell.

***I am going to try to substitute 1 cup of yogurt for 1/2 of butter. 1 c. butter is a lot so I want to try to reduce it with yogurt or applesauce.
***If you have a better idea on how to substitute the butter please tell me!!
***My Family loved these!!
Let me know what your family thinks!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Healthier Lifestyle Tips

Ok..I know a lot of you out there read this and then email me or comment on my facebook instead of on here! So I am asking you to keep doing it! I am really trying to start eating healthy. I know so much...but can't seem to put it into practice on a consistent basis. I need some help! If you have any healthy or ideas...I want you to email me or facebook me. I need some accountability! I have a great friend who is going to help me out too...Nicole! She and I really feel convicted to do a better job with our families. I have to admit...she is pretty good at it already with her own body! SO BRING IT ON!!! Tell me specifics! I am a detail girl!! Can't wait!!

My Ring Bearer Get's Married!!

16 years ago my cute little ring bearer was my cousin Cory. Here is our picture when he came over to try on his tux the week before my wedding. No comments about my hair or my socks...:) Yes...I look like a 15 year old...but I was only 20!!

Here is what he looks like now...a lot taller and he is still so cute!

The fun thing is I was in his parents Uncle Tim and Aunt Rhonda over 30 years ago!! See if you can find me...the cute little one sitting on the stairs with my hand on chin probably thinking when in the heck will I get out of this dress and brush these curls out of my hair...I was a tomboy...didn't like my hair done!!! But I loved my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim. They have always treated me so special and I have always had a close relationship with them. Even now as an adult, I love my time with them. SO blessed!

Cory now is married to an amazingly sweet girl named Lacey. They are so happy together. I don't think I have seen a more giddy couple together at the alter! Their wedding was beautiful and they just seemed to have a great time together. I pray for them and that GOd will be in their marriage. That's the only way!!
This is Lacey, Cory and Jaden.

The whole family was involved! Matt performed the wedding...he is so good at this! Jaden was the ring bearer, I helped coordinate things and the girls worked the guest book. This is all of us:

Here is my Uncle Tim and Aunt Rhonda:

These are a few pics I took of Jaden and Matt all dressed up...I love's like Men in Black...

This is Michael (Cory's bro) and his wife Gina...Jaden was their ring Bearer also:

These lovely ladies are the Grand Daughters on my side:

And I will end this with a picture of my Groom and I at Cory's wedding.....16 amazing years together. We have had a lot of fun over these years...grown up together...literally...and I love him more than I ever thought possible. I am so blessed to be his wife, he is better than I deserve! I still think he is so handsome! AMEN!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Determined Not To Be Desperate

Yes...I am related to someone who has published a book...I feel so special!! Determined Not to Be Desperate is a Bible Study that my sister n law Krista Thomason wrote. Krista was raised in a minister's family in Tyro, KS...yes... a little town in KS that has a BIG church! Krista's knowledge of the bible has always amazed me. Krista probably wasn't your typical...straight and narrow PK kid..and that is why she and I get along so well! She and I met in the dorms at Ozark Christian College and become friends quick! Little did I know we would be sister-n-laws. I was in her wedding and she was in mine. She is mission minded and outreached focused! She has a big heart for the lost, those who were not raised in church or have perfect lives or homes. She is one of the most frugal, talented women I know. She knows how to stretch a dime more than anyone I have ever met! She and her husband Brian started a gosh...probably 4 years ago now. Their faith in God and their work ethic truly amaze me. They are some of the most hard working people I know. Krista paints houses, they buy old houses and remodel them. Krista could probably build a house on her own! Really! If she doesn't know how to do something...she learns how! Being in the is not overflowing, but the blessings do. Starting a new church is a huge step of faith when raising a family. Raising support and living on next to nothing while doing it. Most people would seriously die if they knew what they lived on during that time, but God always took care of them and they were always good stewards of their money. In 2003 their house was completely destroyed by a tornado. Krista and the kids were home...hiding downstairs in a room...praying. Not a speck of dust came in the room where they were...only to emerge from the basement to a totally flattened house. God is GOOD! Watching them go thru the process of losing everything they owned and rebuilding their lives was such a testimony to me and many others. They leaned on God to provide and he lead them in new directions and they allowed him to use this tragedy to grow His kingdom.
Thru the years of teaching Sunday School, Krista would write her own curriculum for the kids and the youth. Now God is taking it to a new level! She has wrote this bible study. I am going to do this with some ladies in my home this fall. I am so excited. If you are a leader in your church or just feel like God could use you to lead other women in His word...I am asking you to consider using this Bible Study. You actually watch episodes of Desperate House Wives and they go along with the bible study...seriously not your typical video they play at church! That's what makes it so great!! RIGHT? Here is her email can order the books straight from her

Here is the information on the book:

Determined Not to be Desperate
by Krista Thomason
"Are you desperate for fulfillment? For truth? To matter to somebody? Begin the journey out of desperation with this Bible study, Determined Not to Be Desperate. Drawing examples from the popular TV series, Desperate Housewives, this study creatively communicates the truths of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way, speaking on such issues as identity, truth, fears, and jealousy. Whether you work on Determined Not to Be Desperate alone or with a group of women, you will leave desperation behind and find comfort, knowing that others face similar struggles. Through the daily lessons included in the workbook, women from all backgrounds will be able to discover and apply biblical insights to everyday issues.

Have you ever wished for a tool that would capture the attention of friends who have no time for God? This Bible study will do just that. Normally we use 'churchy' methods and get the cold shoulder from people. Determined Not to Be Desperate gets them interested because they are already captivated by the TV series. What exciting possibilities this study presents for the reaching of many who have formerly been uninterested.

—David Bycroft, Evangelis

SO help support my sis-n-law in this journey. You will be blessed! I am so blessed to call her my sis-n-law and even more to call her my friend. Someone else who lives as a minister's wife and can understand my life.
Here is a pic of her Family:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 First Day of School!'s over..the first day of 2009 school year! We all had a great day! Started with Toaster Studels early this morning with Lauren. Every year I feel like they pick out outfits that totally fit their personalities!! It's not on just happens!
So let's start with Lauren: Simple..shorts...flip flops...comfy...cute!

Here is her picture in from of the 7th grade center. In Owasso we have a center for grades 6, 7 and 8. Then 9th & 10th are together and then 11th and 12th are together. I really like it and I think it keeps alot of kids out of trouble not being around the older kids to influence them. She had a great first day! I am so proud of this girl. She is a library aide and in all Honors classes. She must get it from Matt because I am not that smart!! She has been dying to wear this outfit! She is in 5th grade this year. She has Mrs. Carden. Lauren had her when she was in 5th grade and we really loved her. She is a soft spoken...loving teacher, but makes her kids mind and be respectful. I think she is a great pick for Brooke. Brooke is a great student also. Very proud of my girl!
Here is the first pic I took:

Then she says...wait...take one of me like this...SO BROOKE! My super Star! LOL

Here is Mrs. Carden and Brooke

Jaden...$8 Owasso Ram shoes though...simple young man! He is in 3rd grade and had Mrs. Anderson. Brooke had Mrs. Anderson in 3rd grade and we really loved her too. Funny kinda a repeat of 2 years ago for me with teachers...gonna have to come up with new gifts! I think Mrs. Anderson will be great for Jaden. Jaden is always a teacher favorite. Every year...I hear...I love Jaden...from his teachers!

Here is Mrs. Anderson and Jaden:

Here is the group proud of them all. They are great kids! They had a super first day! God is so good and I can't wait to see what God does thru them this year!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School starting

Well, we are going back to our school. Guess that's where God wants us! I am ok with it. My kids have teachers that we have had before and loved them! So I am excited about that. This year has been a little different for me. Usually I am ready for the kids to go back to school, but this summer has went by so fast for us. We have been on this roller coaster of where we are going to school and I just haven't gotten into it as much. Needless to say my attitude hasn't been so great. With all the school supply buying for on place, then having to turn around and buy more for another school has just about done me in! I am also subbing the first 3 days in kindergarten...HAVE I LOST MY MIND? LOL! One of my good friends asked me to sub for her maternity leave last year and I agreed. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. Usually I enjoy the first couple of days all alone, and this year I get to spend it with 26 kindergartners!! I am going to be worn out! But I know God is taking care of us by giving me a job. We could really use the extra money right now after spending way more on our vacation than planned due to all the truck issues and all the school supplies. So it is really a good thing for us in that aspect to get caught up a little on finances. I need to just praise God because He provides and not be all negative about it.
I pray that my kids have a great year. We always have a prayer time the first day of school with the kids. I treasure those prayers and I know God hears us and blesses their school years. I challenge all of you to pray over your kids, their school, their teachers and their bus if they ride one. We always tell our kids that school is a mission field and how they act and treat others will show them Christ love. We pray that their lives affect someone @ school for Christ and they plant a seed among the field. Our schools are filled with unbelievers ready to be loved!
So bring on the school year! See what God has in store for us! The Harvest is plenty but the workers are few...are you ready to work?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change and Trust

You know...I am just not someone who can handle change very well. I really like to think I am that type of person...but in reality...I'm just not. I really struggle with surprises too. I am learning more and more I have a control issue...and that's what I think it comes down too. I also think along with that comes an issue with Trust. Trusting that God is totally in control.

I am dealing with an issue on where to send my kids to school right now. I have really prayed about it and felt like I had my answer. But did I really? Now I am doubting a few things. Is GOd slamming a door in my face? Is this really about what Stephanie wants or is it the best decision for my kids?

Today I am searching and just sitting back and letting God show me the right direction. That is really hard for me. I want to make things happen. I want an answer right now. I want what I want...yea...that sounds like a 2 year old throwing a fit huh!

So pray for me to listen and obey and trust that He will show me the road to travel. It might not be the road I want...but it will be the road He has prepared for me.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Leading and Loving it

That's the name of a blog I love to read. Her name is Lori Wilhite. Lori and her husband Jud minister in Las Vegas. She has a blog that is great for minister's wives. She is very real and brings up questions that make you think! You feel like you know her and could just sit down and have a cup of coffee with her! So all my fellow Minister's wives...go take a look at her blog. You will be encouraged and feel like someone out there gets what you are going thru. I know a lot of you don't comment on my blog...I usually get an email or you comment on however you do it...let me know what you think about her blog! Can you say you are "Leading and Loving it" in your ministry? Some days it's just hard!
Here is the link
This is Lori...she looks fun huh!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Inner City Missions Trip to NYC

I grew up with Stephanie (Batchelor) Witt. She has always amazed me with her zeal for the Lord. She was always the one in Sunday School that would answer all the questions...would always read scripture out loud... and was just not afraid of sharing her faith! I admired her so much. I can't remember life without knowing Steph...just always been a part of it. I remember she and I drove out on this old country road with Suzanne Westerfield (our minister's wife at the time) and Suzanne told us that is where the New church was going to be built. We were like...OUT HERE in the country?? Well if you live in Owasso now...the 86th location is not in the country no more! We are no longer in that location, but it holds some great childhood and adult memories for me.

Steph and I both went to Ozark Christian College. She was a year younger than me in school, but we were there a few years together. Both of us married men who were going to be in the ministry and began a journey as minister's wives. Matt and I were called back to Owasso and Steph and Jared moved out to Connecticut. We would see each other a couple of times a year and started a tradition of having breakfast at Panera. I always love our times together and being able to share with someone who grew up with me and is a fellow minister's wife is precious to me. They moved closer to home a few years back...Fort Scott, KS. This is where Jared grew up and he started helping out with his families business @ the Funeral Home. I could always tell in our conversations that Steph still desired to be in full time ministry and I knew it was just a matter of time before Jared would be called back into it! And boy...did God have a plan!!

Last July/August after going thru an intense interview process with the Orchard Group, (they help church plants get started)...they totally and completely knew God was calling them back East! So they packed all 3 boys and moved into an 800 square ft apartment in NYC. They live across the street from Central park so Steph can take the boys there to play. She has to do her laundry downstairs, walk pretty much everywhere they go...with 3 little boys! They don't have a car...just public transportation. So I thought I admired her it's a whole nother level!! But her life just sounds so amazing to me. I have to admit..I love Owasso...I love my house...I love my yard...I love our church...but there are days when packing it all up and moving somewhere new sounds so great. I am totally fascinated with her life!!

Every time I talk to Steph I feel it in my heart that I should go out there to help them. When I was in college I went with a group to Hartford, Connecticut on an inner city missions trip. I loved it. It was so hard on me and it stretched me but I found myself in a place I had never been before and I honestly loved it. I have always wanted to go back. We have been on several missions trips with the youth and each time I love them.

I met with Steph on Friday at Panera and once again I felt God saying...just go! So I told Steph to send me some information and I would begin to put a trip together. I have never done this before...I have always been along for the ride on these trips. I don't know when the trip will be, but I know it will happen. So I am asking you to please pray for me in this journey...pray for the people God is preparing to go with me on this trip...pray for Steph and Jared and their church and church staff. Here is their churches website
Now remember New Yorkers have a totally different vibe and lifestyle than we do. Their church will look different than what you might think as normal. But it is an effort to reach out to them...their culture. So if you feel God moving you to join me on this trip please let me know. We are just in the beginning stages so their is so many unknowns. But I will update as they progress.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You say it's your Birthday...well it's my birthday to ya!

If you are around my age you will recognize that from the movie 16 candles. I loved that movie! I loved Molly Ringwald. She was a red head like me and I thought that was so cool, because you didn't see very many actresses that were red headed back then! The boy taps on the glove box as he sings that to her...trying to cheer her up!

Well Aug. 3rd was my bday. I woke up and went on a walk with my husband...then he and Jaden went to Panera bread to get me a cin crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese...and then to Starbucks for a skinny caramel latte. YUMMY!!!

Then I was given a pillow from each of the kids...lead outside with my eyes closed and ta dah...they gave me a hammock!!! A couple of months ago Matt and I were at Academy and I told him how I would love to have a hammock. We love to be outside and sit and I think it would be great to have around! Well...he remembered me saying that and bought it for me. I have to say....I need to brag on him...when we first got married Matt was not good at the whole bday thing. In fact one year he forgot to get me a card...and to give him some credit..when we were first married we were at CIY or Youthquake with the youth group. My bday always fell during those weeks and I know he was totally stressed out. Anyway...for him to get to this point of surprising me with something I really want...well that is quite the big deal! Gift giving is my thing...and it just wasn't his. I am so proud of him. I love the hammock and can't wait to spend many nights and days laying in it with him by my side!

For lunch my sis took us to Teds Mexican Resturant. YUMMY!!! I love that place! We had a great time and went to the mall for awhile. I am not much of a mall person, but it was nice to hang out with Kenzie and my girls for a little bit there. sis is a dork..but I love her! She is fUn!!

That's my niece Kenzie...she is a blast!

The rest of the afternoon we just hung out and then Jaden had his first football practice. I always enjoy visiting with the other moms and hanging out with them and thanks Kim for the card and gift card!! Then I went to visit Nicole and exchange gifts...she gave me a bag full of goodies...bath pillow, candle and bath salt and a box of note cards with an S on it! Loved it! Can't wait to take a bath. I love baths!It was nice hanging out with her on her New patio furniture!

I am on Facebook and I was so blessed by all the Happy Birthday Wishes that my friends sent me. I posted this picture yesterday on Facebook...It is me when I was one. August 3 1973. So's one of my favorite pictures of me.

On Sunday my mom and sister fixed me lunch...lasagna...garlic bread...salad...and my favorite chocolate cake!! IT WAS SOO YUMMY!!! I loved it all!!!! They gave me some Japenese Cherry Blossom from Bath and that fragrance! So atleast I will smell good...and I got a Hobby Lobby gift card!

So now my day is over...until next year. I am 37 now. WOW! That's fun! Honestly, I don't let the numbers bother me. I don't get worked up about it. I am just blessed to be here on this earth with a wonderful family and get to spend the day with all of the people I love so much!! That's what makes me happy. Family...friends and a chocolate cake. Pretty simple woman! Blessed more than I deserve!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicole!

Just want to say Happy Birthday to Nicole! Saturday was her bday. There are few people in my life that truly know the real me. Some people think they know me...but really...they don't. I have a few friends that I will let my guard down and be my true self around and Nicole is one of them. She allows me to be who I am without any pressure to be perfect or any expectations because I am a minister's wife. We are a lot a like in some ways...but very different in others. One thing I admire about her is she is not afraid of change or to take risk. I on the other hand...don't like change very well. She will decide to do something new and try it and if it works out great and if it doesn't...she just moves on. I can become a hermit in my house really easy...she always has ideas to do things and gets me out of the house. She is a great mom and loves her kids so much. I love being around her and Rick...we always seem to laugh alot! We can pick on each other and know that we still love each other. She loves the Lord and desires to serve him and be an example to others. Anyway..just want everyone to have a friend like her...I am so blessed and I know we will be friends for life! Love you girl!
Here is a picture of us!

Happy Birthday MOM!!

July 31st was my mom's bday! Can you guess how old she is? Well...she is 20 years older than me if that helps. She was just a baby when she had my sister and I. I have to say I admire her so much. I can't imagine what I would have been like as a mom at 17 and 20.
I could barely handle it at 24!!! Growing up Bdays were always a big deal around our house. It was your special day and even though we didn't have much money my mom never made us feel like that mattered. One of the most important things to my mom is just having us all there. She doesn't need any big presents or party...just her kids and grandkids around for the day. We all took her to lunch that day and then that night Christy and I made her dinner. Christy made her famous Meatloaf, I made fried squash and we had corn on the cob. My dad got a great deal on this cake from Sweet D's. There is a story there too...:) And all my mom wanted was a paper shredder! Is that funny! We are practical girls around here. Just want things we can use! So that's what Christy and I got her...a nice paper shredder!