Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You say it's your Birthday...well it's my birthday to ya!

If you are around my age you will recognize that from the movie 16 candles. I loved that movie! I loved Molly Ringwald. She was a red head like me and I thought that was so cool, because you didn't see very many actresses that were red headed back then! The boy taps on the glove box as he sings that to her...trying to cheer her up!

Well Aug. 3rd was my bday. I woke up and went on a walk with my husband...then he and Jaden went to Panera bread to get me a cin crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese...and then to Starbucks for a skinny caramel latte. YUMMY!!!

Then I was given a pillow from each of the kids...lead outside with my eyes closed and ta dah...they gave me a hammock!!! A couple of months ago Matt and I were at Academy and I told him how I would love to have a hammock. We love to be outside and sit and I think it would be great to have around! Well...he remembered me saying that and bought it for me. I have to say....I need to brag on him...when we first got married Matt was not good at the whole bday thing. In fact one year he forgot to get me a card...and to give him some credit..when we were first married we were at CIY or Youthquake with the youth group. My bday always fell during those weeks and I know he was totally stressed out. Anyway...for him to get to this point of surprising me with something I really want...well that is quite the big deal! Gift giving is my thing...and it just wasn't his. I am so proud of him. I love the hammock and can't wait to spend many nights and days laying in it with him by my side!

For lunch my sis took us to Teds Mexican Resturant. YUMMY!!! I love that place! We had a great time and went to the mall for awhile. I am not much of a mall person, but it was nice to hang out with Kenzie and my girls for a little bit there.

Yes...my sis is a dork..but I love her! She is fUn!!

That's my niece Kenzie...she is a blast!

The rest of the afternoon we just hung out and then Jaden had his first football practice. I always enjoy visiting with the other moms and hanging out with them and thanks Kim for the card and gift card!! Then I went to visit Nicole and exchange gifts...she gave me a bag full of goodies...bath pillow, candle and bath salt and a box of note cards with an S on it! Loved it! Can't wait to take a bath. I love baths!It was nice hanging out with her on her New patio furniture!

I am on Facebook and I was so blessed by all the Happy Birthday Wishes that my friends sent me. I posted this picture yesterday on Facebook...It is me when I was one. August 3 1973. So cute...it's one of my favorite pictures of me.

On Sunday my mom and sister fixed me lunch...lasagna...garlic bread...salad...and my favorite chocolate cake!! IT WAS SOO YUMMY!!! I loved it all!!!! They gave me some Japenese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body...love that fragrance! So atleast I will smell good...and I got a Hobby Lobby gift card!

So now my day is over...until next year. I am 37 now. WOW! That's fun! Honestly, I don't let the numbers bother me. I don't get worked up about it. I am just blessed to be here on this earth with a wonderful family and get to spend the day with all of the people I love so much!! That's what makes me happy. Family...friends and a chocolate cake. Pretty simple woman! Blessed more than I deserve!

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  1. Sooo glad you were surprised and had such a fun day! You deserve every bit of it! I love cinn. crunch bagels and oh my Teds!! fav!! queso and salsa EVER!! W will have to go with nicole some day ok :)

    love ya


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