Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!!

July 31st was my mom's bday! Can you guess how old she is? Well...she is 20 years older than me if that helps. She was just a baby when she had my sister and I. I have to say I admire her so much. I can't imagine what I would have been like as a mom at 17 and 20.
I could barely handle it at 24!!! Growing up Bdays were always a big deal around our house. It was your special day and even though we didn't have much money my mom never made us feel like that mattered. One of the most important things to my mom is just having us all there. She doesn't need any big presents or party...just her kids and grandkids around for the day. We all took her to lunch that day and then that night Christy and I made her dinner. Christy made her famous Meatloaf, I made fried squash and we had corn on the cob. My dad got a great deal on this cake from Sweet D's. There is a story there too...:) And all my mom wanted was a paper shredder! Is that funny! We are practical girls around here. Just want things we can use! So that's what Christy and I got her...a nice paper shredder!


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