Sunday, August 23, 2009

Determined Not To Be Desperate

Yes...I am related to someone who has published a book...I feel so special!! Determined Not to Be Desperate is a Bible Study that my sister n law Krista Thomason wrote. Krista was raised in a minister's family in Tyro, KS...yes... a little town in KS that has a BIG church! Krista's knowledge of the bible has always amazed me. Krista probably wasn't your typical...straight and narrow PK kid..and that is why she and I get along so well! She and I met in the dorms at Ozark Christian College and become friends quick! Little did I know we would be sister-n-laws. I was in her wedding and she was in mine. She is mission minded and outreached focused! She has a big heart for the lost, those who were not raised in church or have perfect lives or homes. She is one of the most frugal, talented women I know. She knows how to stretch a dime more than anyone I have ever met! She and her husband Brian started a gosh...probably 4 years ago now. Their faith in God and their work ethic truly amaze me. They are some of the most hard working people I know. Krista paints houses, they buy old houses and remodel them. Krista could probably build a house on her own! Really! If she doesn't know how to do something...she learns how! Being in the is not overflowing, but the blessings do. Starting a new church is a huge step of faith when raising a family. Raising support and living on next to nothing while doing it. Most people would seriously die if they knew what they lived on during that time, but God always took care of them and they were always good stewards of their money. In 2003 their house was completely destroyed by a tornado. Krista and the kids were home...hiding downstairs in a room...praying. Not a speck of dust came in the room where they were...only to emerge from the basement to a totally flattened house. God is GOOD! Watching them go thru the process of losing everything they owned and rebuilding their lives was such a testimony to me and many others. They leaned on God to provide and he lead them in new directions and they allowed him to use this tragedy to grow His kingdom.
Thru the years of teaching Sunday School, Krista would write her own curriculum for the kids and the youth. Now God is taking it to a new level! She has wrote this bible study. I am going to do this with some ladies in my home this fall. I am so excited. If you are a leader in your church or just feel like God could use you to lead other women in His word...I am asking you to consider using this Bible Study. You actually watch episodes of Desperate House Wives and they go along with the bible study...seriously not your typical video they play at church! That's what makes it so great!! RIGHT? Here is her email can order the books straight from her

Here is the information on the book:

Determined Not to be Desperate
by Krista Thomason
"Are you desperate for fulfillment? For truth? To matter to somebody? Begin the journey out of desperation with this Bible study, Determined Not to Be Desperate. Drawing examples from the popular TV series, Desperate Housewives, this study creatively communicates the truths of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way, speaking on such issues as identity, truth, fears, and jealousy. Whether you work on Determined Not to Be Desperate alone or with a group of women, you will leave desperation behind and find comfort, knowing that others face similar struggles. Through the daily lessons included in the workbook, women from all backgrounds will be able to discover and apply biblical insights to everyday issues.

Have you ever wished for a tool that would capture the attention of friends who have no time for God? This Bible study will do just that. Normally we use 'churchy' methods and get the cold shoulder from people. Determined Not to Be Desperate gets them interested because they are already captivated by the TV series. What exciting possibilities this study presents for the reaching of many who have formerly been uninterested.

—David Bycroft, Evangelis

SO help support my sis-n-law in this journey. You will be blessed! I am so blessed to call her my sis-n-law and even more to call her my friend. Someone else who lives as a minister's wife and can understand my life.
Here is a pic of her Family:

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