Thursday, August 13, 2009

Change and Trust

You know...I am just not someone who can handle change very well. I really like to think I am that type of person...but in reality...I'm just not. I really struggle with surprises too. I am learning more and more I have a control issue...and that's what I think it comes down too. I also think along with that comes an issue with Trust. Trusting that God is totally in control.

I am dealing with an issue on where to send my kids to school right now. I have really prayed about it and felt like I had my answer. But did I really? Now I am doubting a few things. Is GOd slamming a door in my face? Is this really about what Stephanie wants or is it the best decision for my kids?

Today I am searching and just sitting back and letting God show me the right direction. That is really hard for me. I want to make things happen. I want an answer right now. I want what I want...yea...that sounds like a 2 year old throwing a fit huh!

So pray for me to listen and obey and trust that He will show me the road to travel. It might not be the road I want...but it will be the road He has prepared for me.


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  1. First day went good. It was chaotic, but good. :) Are you going to be subbing again this year? O and yes I am interested in going to NYC. The last mission trip I went on was to Mexico in high school. Sad I know! So needless to say I am ready to get out there and stretch my comfort zone once again... at least I think I am! :) Keep me updated and I'm praying for you too!


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