Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Healthier Lifestyle Tips

Ok..I know a lot of you out there read this and then email me or comment on my facebook instead of on here! So I am asking you to keep doing it! I am really trying to start eating healthy. I know so much...but can't seem to put it into practice on a consistent basis. I need some help! If you have any healthy or ideas...I want you to email me or facebook me. I need some accountability! I have a great friend who is going to help me out too...Nicole! She and I really feel convicted to do a better job with our families. I have to admit...she is pretty good at it already with her own body! SO BRING IT ON!!! Tell me specifics! I am a detail girl!! Can't wait!!

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  1. Im with you girl. Here is a website I like to look at every now and again for new products and blogs from people who are trying to eat more healthy. I will try to post some recipes as's encouraging to share ideas!


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