Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies

1 cup of Ice
1 c. milk (I like skim)
1 c. yogurt (I use Light N Fit) High in protein
1 c. of any fruit ( I buy frozen from has pineapple, mango, strawberries and peaches)
1 pk of splenda if you want
1 to 2 TB of Flaxseed (depends on what your family can handle)

Put in the blender and there you go! I doubled this and it made enough for all 5 of us to have some. Then I made another batch and froze it for Ice cream.

Send me any healthy kid approved Recipes!! I need them!!


  1. Soy is an important "super food". Try replacing soy milk for the regular and tell me if it's gross before I try it!! :)

  2. Oh, and buy fresh fruit now and freeze for your smoothies (instead of buying those "packaged" ones. Red berries have the best health affects. I've also heard that even Splenda is bad for you long-term and you should use regular sugar (this coming from someone who still lives on aspartame .. I'm trying to wean myself!!)

  3. Me again!

    Phoebe at "Cents to Get Debt Free" posted about this today.

  4. You are banned from further comments....LOL!!! Just kidding! Baby steps steps!! Have you ever tasted Soy milk? I haven' seems like that one might be hard on me...because I am not a big milk fan...and soy sounds like sour to much...but I will try anything.

    So splenda is bad? They say sugar is bad...who do we believe??
    Yes. I will buy the fresh fruit now...good idea!!

    That's why I love you...You do all the work...I just do what you tell me to do! LOL!!!


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