Monday, August 31, 2009

Let the old life crumble...let it fade..

Well, that is my new motto...

I am trying to do this in lots of ways. Now...I am not trying to become a totally different person because I don't like my self or anything like that! I"m not going all weird or anything!! I just know there are some bad habits that I have fallen into and some that have been life long that I need to allow God to change in me. Food and exercise have been 2 major struggles all my life that I have had a hard time overcoming. I always start off with good intentions, then fall back into my old habits. I could really use some help and encouragement. I want to be healthy. I want to give those healthy habits to our children. I have always felt it is a stronghold on my life that I allow Satan to use to tear me down. I haven't ever fully given these 2 things to God without wanting them back at any weak moment. So just wanted to throw this out here on this blog...go keep me accountable. I might want to beat you up for it...but I know it is what is best for me!!


  1. I'm with you girl .. it's a LIFESTYLE change, not a fad or a whim! And that just takes consistency. But, we will have off days! Don't beat yourself up for that! Take each day at a time.

  2. you're an awesome chick!!!! i will support you and i feel THE SAME WAY!!!! one thing that really motivated me is that i didn't want my children to grow up seeing me living in bad habitville!!!....i also wanted them to look back at our old family pictures when they are grown and be able to say..."my mother was beautiful"...not look at her and say..."there's my mother drinkin' a pepsi AGAIN!!!!"...i want them to value's God's word...anyway...i could write and write and then this post would be five million words you....keep it up!!!

  3. Thanks Ash! I appreciate your support and sweet words! Just gotta start somewhere to get on a road to health. And you are's God's desire for us to live healthy lives!


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