Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Ring Bearer Get's Married!!

16 years ago my cute little ring bearer was my cousin Cory. Here is our picture when he came over to try on his tux the week before my wedding. No comments about my hair or my socks...:) Yes...I look like a 15 year old...but I was only 20!!

Here is what he looks like now...a lot taller and he is still so cute!

The fun thing is I was in his parents Uncle Tim and Aunt Rhonda over 30 years ago!! See if you can find me...the cute little one sitting on the stairs with my hand on chin probably thinking when in the heck will I get out of this dress and brush these curls out of my hair...I was a tomboy...didn't like my hair done!!! But I loved my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tim. They have always treated me so special and I have always had a close relationship with them. Even now as an adult, I love my time with them. SO blessed!

Cory now is married to an amazingly sweet girl named Lacey. They are so happy together. I don't think I have seen a more giddy couple together at the alter! Their wedding was beautiful and they just seemed to have a great time together. I pray for them and that GOd will be in their marriage. That's the only way!!
This is Lacey, Cory and Jaden.

The whole family was involved! Matt performed the wedding...he is so good at this! Jaden was the ring bearer, I helped coordinate things and the girls worked the guest book. This is all of us:

Here is my Uncle Tim and Aunt Rhonda:

These are a few pics I took of Jaden and Matt all dressed up...I love's like Men in Black...

This is Michael (Cory's bro) and his wife Gina...Jaden was their ring Bearer also:

These lovely ladies are the Grand Daughters on my side:

And I will end this with a picture of my Groom and I at Cory's wedding.....16 amazing years together. We have had a lot of fun over these years...grown up together...literally...and I love him more than I ever thought possible. I am so blessed to be his wife, he is better than I deserve! I still think he is so handsome! AMEN!!


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