Monday, August 10, 2009

Inner City Missions Trip to NYC

I grew up with Stephanie (Batchelor) Witt. She has always amazed me with her zeal for the Lord. She was always the one in Sunday School that would answer all the questions...would always read scripture out loud... and was just not afraid of sharing her faith! I admired her so much. I can't remember life without knowing Steph...just always been a part of it. I remember she and I drove out on this old country road with Suzanne Westerfield (our minister's wife at the time) and Suzanne told us that is where the New church was going to be built. We were like...OUT HERE in the country?? Well if you live in Owasso now...the 86th location is not in the country no more! We are no longer in that location, but it holds some great childhood and adult memories for me.

Steph and I both went to Ozark Christian College. She was a year younger than me in school, but we were there a few years together. Both of us married men who were going to be in the ministry and began a journey as minister's wives. Matt and I were called back to Owasso and Steph and Jared moved out to Connecticut. We would see each other a couple of times a year and started a tradition of having breakfast at Panera. I always love our times together and being able to share with someone who grew up with me and is a fellow minister's wife is precious to me. They moved closer to home a few years back...Fort Scott, KS. This is where Jared grew up and he started helping out with his families business @ the Funeral Home. I could always tell in our conversations that Steph still desired to be in full time ministry and I knew it was just a matter of time before Jared would be called back into it! And boy...did God have a plan!!

Last July/August after going thru an intense interview process with the Orchard Group, (they help church plants get started)...they totally and completely knew God was calling them back East! So they packed all 3 boys and moved into an 800 square ft apartment in NYC. They live across the street from Central park so Steph can take the boys there to play. She has to do her laundry downstairs, walk pretty much everywhere they go...with 3 little boys! They don't have a car...just public transportation. So I thought I admired her it's a whole nother level!! But her life just sounds so amazing to me. I have to admit..I love Owasso...I love my house...I love my yard...I love our church...but there are days when packing it all up and moving somewhere new sounds so great. I am totally fascinated with her life!!

Every time I talk to Steph I feel it in my heart that I should go out there to help them. When I was in college I went with a group to Hartford, Connecticut on an inner city missions trip. I loved it. It was so hard on me and it stretched me but I found myself in a place I had never been before and I honestly loved it. I have always wanted to go back. We have been on several missions trips with the youth and each time I love them.

I met with Steph on Friday at Panera and once again I felt God saying...just go! So I told Steph to send me some information and I would begin to put a trip together. I have never done this before...I have always been along for the ride on these trips. I don't know when the trip will be, but I know it will happen. So I am asking you to please pray for me in this journey...pray for the people God is preparing to go with me on this trip...pray for Steph and Jared and their church and church staff. Here is their churches website
Now remember New Yorkers have a totally different vibe and lifestyle than we do. Their church will look different than what you might think as normal. But it is an effort to reach out to them...their culture. So if you feel God moving you to join me on this trip please let me know. We are just in the beginning stages so their is so many unknowns. But I will update as they progress.


  1. Hey Steph! Do you know who this trip is going to be open to? love and miss you

  2. Jenn,
    Not sure yet...I have had several people interested. I will keep you updated. You want to go??
    Love and miss you too!


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