Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School starting

Well, we are going back to our school. Guess that's where God wants us! I am ok with it. My kids have teachers that we have had before and loved them! So I am excited about that. This year has been a little different for me. Usually I am ready for the kids to go back to school, but this summer has went by so fast for us. We have been on this roller coaster of where we are going to school and I just haven't gotten into it as much. Needless to say my attitude hasn't been so great. With all the school supply buying for on place, then having to turn around and buy more for another school has just about done me in! I am also subbing the first 3 days in kindergarten...HAVE I LOST MY MIND? LOL! One of my good friends asked me to sub for her maternity leave last year and I agreed. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. Usually I enjoy the first couple of days all alone, and this year I get to spend it with 26 kindergartners!! I am going to be worn out! But I know God is taking care of us by giving me a job. We could really use the extra money right now after spending way more on our vacation than planned due to all the truck issues and all the school supplies. So it is really a good thing for us in that aspect to get caught up a little on finances. I need to just praise God because He provides and not be all negative about it.
I pray that my kids have a great year. We always have a prayer time the first day of school with the kids. I treasure those prayers and I know God hears us and blesses their school years. I challenge all of you to pray over your kids, their school, their teachers and their bus if they ride one. We always tell our kids that school is a mission field and how they act and treat others will show them Christ love. We pray that their lives affect someone @ school for Christ and they plant a seed among the field. Our schools are filled with unbelievers ready to be loved!
So bring on the school year! See what God has in store for us! The Harvest is plenty but the workers are few...are you ready to work?

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  1. "We always tell our kids that school is a mission field and how they act and treat others will show them Christ love."

    This is soooo true, whether they go to a Christian school or are home schooled.

    I understand the tension/concerns/worries about where to send your kids to school. With the prayer and concern you have in this matter, I think your kids will do well wherever they go.

    I went back and read a couple of your Wyoming trip posts. That bbq place you ate at - was it on West Yellowstone, the road that heads out of Cody to Yellowstone Park? I've eaten there many times! Everytime we go back to visit we always eat there. Did you eat at the Irma? That is one of my favorite restaurants in Cody.


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