Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Day at a time

Last night at Walmart I was in a hurry and as I was by the books I thought...I need a new daily devo book. I whipped into the isle and picked up Beth Moore's book...Believing God Day by Day. I hadn't planned to buy it, just had a feeling I needed it.

Of course I have declared that I am making some changes and so I wanted to share this with you...

Here is the quote on the back of the book...

"Never Forget that Long-Term Victory Happens One Day At A Time"

I truly believe God placed that right in front of me today to encourage me. Thank you Jesus for loving me even before I know what you are doing!WOW!!

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  1. steph! I was looking at the devotionals and wanting a new one as well so thanks for the suggestion :) I love Beth Moore! so I will check it out!


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