Wednesday, September 23, 2009

John Vincent McCroskey...a real man

On Sunday, September 13 a "real man" met Jesus. We celebrated Matt's grandpa, John Vincent McCroskey's life on September 16th. Matt, his brother Brian and his cousin Mark spoke at the funeral. They all had such great respect for their grandpa and knew he was a man of God. He was a hard working, simple man who loved his wife and family. I would like to share with you a note Matt's mom...Joyce...wrote about him. I think it says so much"

Throughout his life and especially during the past 3 years of dealing with cancer- he has left a legacy of quiet strength and determination, honesty, integrity, and humility.

It was noted (in bold letters) on his paper work the last day of his chemo and radiation treatment - John McCroskey is a real man.
He seldom complained of any of the pain and side effects - we know there had to be many!

He was a quiet yet fun loving man. Though he seldom told me outright- I knew without a doubt from the things he said and did - that my Dad loved me.

Joyce Zurcher

Here are a few pictures that were in the video that will show you just the kind of man he was...I personally love these:

I took these pictures of him once when he was at our house. It shows how fun he was:

Here is a little scrapbook of pics I put together that I took at the Celebration. Too many to post on here so I put them in a flip scrapbook. These are pictures of Matt's cousins and family.
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I'm so thankful to have known such a great man. I'm so thankful to be a part of such an amazing family. I'm so blessed.
John Vincent McCroskey...a real man...a man of we should all admire.


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