Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Man!

A couple of days ago we celebrated Matt's bday. We started off the day with making his favorite breakfast..eggs, bacon and biscuits and gravy. My mom dropped off hot chocolate chip cookies!! Then that evening since it was a church night we needed to stay close so he choose Baja Jacks. Which if you haven't been there, We love that place! We split the BYOB burrito..You can "build your own burrito" for $6!! And you get a basket of chips and a salsa bar to go with it! So for $6 we can eat cheap because it is so big we can split it!! And you get all the chips and salsa you can eat!

Anyway...they all headed off to church. I was on a mission to find him something. I had splurged on Father's day this year so I needed to keep the price tag a little lower on the bday. So I ended up at Kohls. He has been wanting some Tall man undershirts and he desperately needed a few new that's what we did. NOthng flashy...but practical...just like him! He will never go shop for himself so I have to do these little things for him every once in a while. We got home from church and had his favorite famous Coconut pie. (or so people tell me...I don't like coconut so I can't be a good judge of it) We opened gifts and he loved it.

Now...I want to say a thing or two about this husband of mine. He is one of the most amazing men I know. I feel in love with this young guy long before he even took notice of YQ...many years ago! He has a killer smile that can get people to do things they wouldn't normally do. He is one of the most kind, genuine people I know. He is who is he is no matter if he is at church or home or wherever. He has a passion to serve the Lord and do His kingdom work. He inspires me to love God and our family more every day. He is so patient with me and loves me in spite of my many downfalls. He is very humble and is the most laid back people I know. He is a hard worker and can fix anything! In fact...if he can't fix it...I am speechless! He is so smart, it really amazes me at times. He is loves working at the church and would never think about doing anything else with his life. He is so patient...he has taught me so much about keeping my mouth shut. He is a thinker...he thinks before he acts.
And he is an incredible dad to our kids. He is involved and doesn't miss any thing they do. He takes time to teach them things and play with them and be silly with them. He is so wise about so many things. I am just so truly blessed beyond what I deserve.
And the last thing is...he is HoT! I just think he is just so cute. His smile can melt my heart and make my bad day turn good.
I thank God every day for giving me a husband who loves Him and our family.
This is his breakfast pic

Here is Dinner:


And the gifts:

Happy Birthday My Love! You deserve the best!
I love you so much!

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