Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Game Changer...the Principal's Office

I've made a Game Changer decision that has landed me in the Principal's office.

What is it? Are you sitting on the edge of your seat...screaming TELL US!!

Ok...maybe not that dramatic...but it was for me.

Ya'll know I've subbed for quite some time now. I've got my favorite schools to
sub at. The 6th grade center being #1 on that list...so when my friend Christy let me
know she would be leaving this year, I thought...hmmm if I could have that job
I think I could handle working full time. Throughout the year Mrs. Kelsey...
aka Principal...would ask me if I have thought about taking the JOB. Which I
had always told Matt that I would be a great secretary if he would just pay me for
all the things I already do around here & at the church for me I could make it official!

I began to pray about whether or not God was leading me to take this job or not. Mrs.
Kelsey called to set up my interview & I asked God to give me clarity during the interview.
I rallied all my Prayer Warriors & asked them to pray for me. During the interview I told Mrs.
Kelsey... "I knew she would be interviewing a lot of people for this job".
That's when she stopped me in the middle of my sentence & said,"Nope just you".
Um...excuse me...just me...little ol me? That can't be what she just said?!?! And then
proceeded to tell me that God had laid me on her heart for the job & I needed to go home
& pray about it & make sure that's what God was leading me to do.

I know right? How often do you have someone in charge tell you to seek God? Not often.

So I had prayed for clarity & received it. Wow. Not to say I'm not terribly nervous & scared
to work full time....because I am, but I know God lead me to it & He will lead me thru it.

What does a Principal Secretary do you ask? Well...I will be in charge of all the
finances of the entire school & keeping the principal informed & organized. Lots of
new things to learn this week as I train.

Working full time...something I didn't see coming, but I am excited to take this
step. It will also allow us to save for college & do a few things we have wanted
to do financially for awhile.

Any Advice from you working moms???


  1. Congrats girl! I was waiting in suspense thinking maybe it was teaching. :)

  2. Congrats! I, too, thought you were gearing up for a teaching position. I am confident that you will be great at this! When do you start?

  3. Congrats on the job! I'm excited for you and will be praying for you as you begin working full-time. Also, what an amazing principal to work for. Looks like a great fit and she is blessed to have you!

  4. I thought it was teaching too, until the end! You'll do great!


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