Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Free" Deck=Stitches

So Matt has been praying for a year that God would provide a deck for our pool. Well he did! My dad's boss said if we come take apart his deck he would give us the wood. The deck is only about 3 or 4 years old, so it is still in good shape. So Matt goes to take it apart on Friday. I get a call from him need to call the dr. I need stitches. Well if you know Matt...if he is asking to go to the must really need too! So I call Dr. Moneypenny and he says to bring him in. Matt is in Broken Arrow, which is about 30 minutes from Owasso because of the traffic. So Matt wrapped his hand in a towel and drove to Owasso. See this is where Matt's cheapness comes into play....he didn't want to have to go anywhere but the Dr because of the copay! It is only $25 for us to go to the Dr....but if he would have went to Urgent care it would be $75 and the ER is $200 copay. So he was willing to risk driving while bleeding out, hoping he didn't pass out!! Of course I am praying...please don't pass out. One thing you might not know about Matt is...he can pass out just by standing up to quick. It happens a lot around here!! Anyway, he makes it to Owasso. He told me I didn't want to see it...flesh is hanging out!! Here is the story...he was walking on the deck...he stepped on a board and it gave out...he fell to the ground about 4ft...he was carrying a another board that had the screws still in it...his hand hit the screws and ripped his hand. He got about 18 stitches!! Bless his heart! He was so frustrated with himself. We are so thankful to Dr. Moneypenny for staying late on Friday and stitching Matt up. I am so thankful it wasn't anything worse.
But you know...they alway say...nothing is free!! We will get the deck apart sometime soon hopefully. Pray for Matt's hand to heal quick! It's hard for him to be down in anyway. But I will say...he is much tougher than I am...:) I am so thankful he is such a hard worker. He amazes me!!

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