Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Recycled Garbage

"God can recycle the worst garbage in your life to change others". 

We might not know all the theology...but we can give witness to the things he has done in our lives. A life changed is the best testimony. What witness will you give this week of a life changed because you have received Jesus by faith?
Just wanted to share the challenge we were given at BSF today while studying John 9 where Jesus heals the blind man...with his saliva and mud. Who says the Bible is boring? :) Have a blessed day and I pray that each of us are letting God recycle the Garbage in our life for his kingdom work!


  1. I really like that quote/challenge, how neat, and so true! Thanks Steph!

  2. God can definitely use anything in our lives! Even the 'garbage'! Noticed that you're a part of BSF! I have such fond memories of the many sessions I attended when we lived in Ohio. Great Bible studies! God bless you!


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