Thursday, January 14, 2010


13 years ago today we lived in Carterville, MO. I had just graduated from college with a teaching job lined up for the next year. And happened...I found out I was pregnant...we weren't trying..I was on the I proceeded to take 7 home pregnancy test...hoping by #7 it would say...oh sorry we were wrong you aren't pregnant. I just wasn't ready...when Matt and I went to the Dr. for the first time we must have been white as a ghost because the receptionist asked..."are you ok honey" as we were checking out. But God had a plan for us to have this sweet girl at just the right time.
On January 14th, 1997... I had a Dr. appointment that morning and found out I had preeclampsia and toxemia...and since I had been dilated to an 8 for 2 weeks...they said...go to the hospital...though I wasn't due for another 2 weeks!! I called my mom and they immediately jumped in the car and headed that way. This was at 10:00 am. My parents lived an hour and a half away...Matt's parents lived 3 hours away so it was going to take some time to pack and get there. Well..little did they know...umm...Miss little Lauren was in NO hurry to make her grand entrance to the world! Since I was dilated to an 8 the Dr. wouldn't give me an epidural (which when it's your first you don't realize you have to listen to them...that changed with the other 2). They gave me some Staydol just to make me a little loopy around 3:00. Still I bared down and made it thru hours of contractions. Finally at 6:00 they said it's time to no baby! Then at 9:00 pm the Dr. says...10 more minutes and we are doing a C-section. I was so upset. I really didn't want to have a C-section, but I was exhausted. Laboring all day with no epidural...3 hours of pushing...I was whipped! But I mustered up one last push...the Dr. told Matt...grab her legs and pull them up to head...he was like...huh? They cleared the room and wouldn't let anyone in. He gave me a paracervical block and boom out she came! They rushed her away...we were left there for a few minutes to wonder...why? Soon after the Dr. took a look at her...he came back to tell me...he had to break her collar bone to get her out...she was too big for me and she almost didn't make it out...she ripped me from one whole to the other (sorry if that is TMI)...I sat on a donut for about 2 weeks.  But he assured us in about 2 weeks she would be fine if we keep her wrapped up in a blanket...and you know what...she was fine. Now while all this was going of the biggest ice storms hit Joplin and my family barely made it back to my sister's house after she was born.
We took Lauren Ashton home to our cute little clueless of how to be parents. My mom stayed with us for a couple of days to help out. So glad she did...I cried when she left. I have to say...being a first time mom was hard on me. I was so scared...and worried I would screw this little baby up. But you know God took care of us...he showed us how to be parents. We had such great friends surrounding us at Carterville. So many new moms along with me to help and reassure me I was doing a good job. S
My know...we butt heads a lot. I think it is common for first born girls and their moms. But...she is a great girl. She loves dogs and all animals really. Every dog we have ever had loves her and adores her. She enjoys going in the backyard and training them. I swear she is great at it too! She amazes me. In fact for her bday she wants a furminator to brush the dogs with.
This is her when she was 6...a little dalmatian for cute!

 She loves to cook with me and she loves sweets also!

Lauren is so beautiful...but she doesn't know it. She really doesn't care too much about her hair or how she dresses yet. She doesn't like girl drama or worry about having a boy friend. She makes good grades and is in all honor classes at school. Her teachers love her and I see her showing respect to adults.  That girl has had the same best friends all her life and really doesn't care to change anything about that. She is very loyal and protective of her friends. She is a lot of fun. All in all she is turning into this amazing young lady who has a heart for God's kingdom. I see her serving at church and it just blesses my heart. I know we are entering the "harder" parts of life as a teenager, but I hope and pray we can stay as connected as we are now and just keep growing closer. I am so proud of her and I am so blessed that God has entrusted me to be her mom. I can't believe she is a teenager. Only 5 short years left at our house.
She will have breakfast with dad and then I am doing something I have never done...I am letting her skip her first hour (remember that have more fun goal) and get her hair highlighted. She doesn't's a surprise! Then after school we are going to take some fun pics and then head to Pei Wei's for dinner. And of course stop by and get our famous Krispie Kreme donut cake! On Friday we are having a big party for her at the church with all her family and friends. It will be fun to see everyone! She is so excited! 13 years ago...I didn't think I was ready...but God knew I was...and blessed me with this sweet girl of mine!

Happy 13th Birthday Lauren Ashton!!
We love you!!


  1. How sweet! I was very teary eyed through this post! I hope Molly is like Lauren :) I am sure you were shocked to learn you were pregnant especially on the pill! Molly ripped me from front to back too!! Haha!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauren! I remember when you guys first came to Owasso with a little babe. Hard to believe that is 13 years ago. Have fun at Pei Wei, I love that place :)

  3. So sweet! She is a cutie cutie!! Teenage years have been better for me...I know that sounds crazy but we enjoy so many things together and when they were little it just felt like it was never ending work where as now we just get to enjoy one another more...does that even make sense? :o)

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  5. ahh! i remember when both your next babies were born and lauren being so little and now they are old! how did this happen! :) love them, love you.

  6. If they knew each other she and my daughter would be friends. Nice story.


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