Sunday, January 24, 2010

The "Fab Five"

That's what they called themselves while they were in the youth group...Sara, Jenn, Kelley, Shaun and Melanie (she couldn't make it). Sara is moving to Texas so we all got together at her parents house...which is my cousin Debbie's house to say good bye! These girls were the ones that hung around our house...toilet papered our house...always had some kind of drama going on...but were leaders in the youth group. They were the ones that would show up for everything we had going could depend on them. Though I think we might have a few gray hairs from them...LOL. They spent many hours at our house making chocolate chip cookies with me. We have had lots of laughs with these girls. They are the ones that made youth ministry worth every minute. Now they are all grown up and most of them are married. They all love Jesus and serve him. Shaun is a nurse and will be leaving for Haiti in a couple of weeks with a group here from Tulsa. Jenn is a youth minister's wife. Kelley and her husband are building a house. Sara and her family will be moving to Texas in a week to start a new job. I love these girls...they have taught me so much about to love the Lord and helped me develop as a leader. I have some sweet memories of my time with them. I love that we are still close and keep up with each other.
Now here is the super cool thing...I have developed a friendship with one of my blog buddies named Kara. Love her and I know some day we are going to meet! Anyway...Sara is moving to Texas...League City, TX that is! And that is where Kara and her husband are youth pastors!! I am going to hook up Sara and Kara so when she gets down there she can have a church to check out and know someone in that town! God is so cool how he does that...I mean...really! That is just so amazing to me...who knew when I left that comment on Kara's blog several months ago it would lead to this...God..thank you for leading and loving us and bringing people in our lives.
Daniel, Sara and Tate...We will miss you!

The girls

Me and Sara

"Fab (short for Fabulous)  Five" I love you girls...I am so proud of all of you.
Sara..I know God has amazing plans for you in TX. I will be praying for you and remember how much we love you all.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!! This is sooo cool! I would love to meet Sara and bring her and her family to church with us one Sunday! Now....since you know 2 people from League City, you'll have to come visit. :) It would be great fun.
    Again...I am still thankful for you connecting with me all those months ago on my blog.
    God knew exactly why! :)

  2. Steph! I love you! Thanks for all your love and support throughout the years. :)


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