Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Big Surprise! remember one of my goals....HMF (Have More Fun)...this is one of those things I probably wouldn't have done before....but while making the appointment my friend Leslie who cuts our hair said "Come on a fun mom" and that's all it took!
When Matt brought her home from breakfast I surprised her and let her miss 1st hour (which she is the library aide that hour so she didn't miss much). This summer my niece put blue and green in her hair and had to bleach it first and since then Lauren has had this blonde strip in her hair so she needed a little help with it. I dropped her off and went to pick up Starbucks for us all real quick.
First time under the dryer sippin on her strawberries and creme Frap! LOL!

Washing her hair

Leslie...the best hairstylist in the world!! We love her!! Look at those highlights!!

Mom and Lauren! Fun times!

I am glad I took the time to do this with her. She was so excited about the highlights and I think it make her feel pretty and special on her bday!

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