Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dinner @ Los Cabos/Bass Pro

First I have to say...when Jaden was little he thought it was called Lost it is a joke in our family that we ate at Lost Cowboys. Anyway...just shows some of his random funny things he says!
They have this clown called "Lil Brat" that comes around and makes balloons for those having Bdays. Here is the Hat she made for Jaden..
p.s. clowns kinda freak me out....

Then she made these Ca-ute flower bracelet for the girls!

They brought out Sopapillas  for him...with honey! Yum! He shared of course!

Then they had the Mariachi Brothers come sing to him..

Next we hung out at Bass Pro for awhile...his dream, guns, boats and 4 wheelers..
I promise we are not "rednecks"...ok maybe a little.

He wants this one...notice the pricetag $2,577!!! HE asked if it could be his Bdays and Christmas for the rest of his life...**HA**

We had Lots of fun hanging out as a family. Good times!!

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  1. I loved those flower bracelets, clowns have the same effect on my too! What a great fun filled family night!!


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