Friday, July 29, 2011

YQ 2011 Part 3

Stress's called that for a reason!! This is the day we climb the mountain.
We pair up the kids with someone from the group they don't know. Usually it's
someone that will push them up the mountain if they need help. It's a 3 mile hike
up the mountain so by the time you are's 6 miles!!
Lauren's first Mountain Top Experience!
Our Mountain climbing partners....Heather & Mike
Our staff that was there
The Thomason Clan...our nieces with us!
One of our sponsors hide this quarter last year under a rock
& it was still there a year later!! SO cool!!
We have devo time once we are up there.
Our view is breath taking...
Lauren & Matt went to the summit.

Too be honest this year I did not want to climb that mountain. Last
 year I was in much better shape & looked forward to it. If it hadn't been
 Lauren's first year I probably would have made an excuse to not climb the 
mountain. Makes me think about my life & missed opportunities due to my lack
 of preparation or feeling inadequate. There 
are times I just don't want to climb that mountain...take that chance...
put myself out there...reach out to someone...and I walk away from
 a challenge...give up & rationalize my feelings. 
I know I do it & I get so frustrated with myself. 
Every year when I reach the top of that mountain I think...
that wasn't that hard...I can do this...if I want too. 
But I couldn't make it up that mountain with out my partners
walking up that path with me, encouraging me, taking breaks with me,
pushing me & cheering me on. I'm thankful for people in my life
that push me when I don't want to, encourage me when I am down 
& love me in spite of my imperfections. 
But more importantly I'm thankful for a God who loves me,
carries me, forgives me & knows me yet still wants to use 
me in His kingdom work. 
I have mountains in my life, but I know God will move them
in His time & His will. 

Go have a mountain top experience soon.


  1. Great posts about YQ so far, especially this one. So challenging to me about not climbing the "mountains" due to lack of prep of feeling inadequate. Thanks for the encouragement, Steph! Loveya!

  2. This is an awesome, insightful post. Thank you for sharing, Steph!


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