Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If I only had a brain....

The Tinman...from "The Wizard Of Oz." That's me. 

Yep...speaking of no brain...I had google Somewhere over the rainbow just to 
remember the name of the movie. I am not kidding you. No brain left.

That's how I feel somedays at work.

I haven't used my brain this much in over 14 years people. 
My brain is mush by the end of the day. Like an athlete who tries to run
a marathon without any training. It's not easy. 

It's non stop around that office. The phone rings...parents coming in the school,
teachers...the phone...email...did I mention anything about the phone by chance?  
oh my mercy. I swear I sit down at 7:30 & it's 3:00 before
I even really know what has happened. 

I think I use about 50 million sticky notes in the day just so I can remember what I
am doing or what I'm suppose to do. 

Before you think I'm complaining..I'm not...I LOVE my job. I thrive on the fast 
pace of it. But I find myself thinking...I wish my brain would keep up with me!

I am hoping in time I will be able to keep up & recall things & get into a grove. 
I am mentally & physically exhausted in the evenings. YAWN

SO Question...anyone else ever feel like the Tinman & need a brain? 
I guess there is hope for me...the Tinman got one. 


  1. So funny! :) I applied for some jobs in the school district & I'm sure if I tackle a job & support a hubby church planting, my mind will be in sucked dry!! lol ;)
    Keep up your hard work.

  2. been there girlfriend! wait until you turn 49 - them you will really think you are the tinman! ha!

  3. I'm young and feel that way sometimes! Is that bad?! HA It will get better.. lot's of sleep makes a world of difference!


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