Thursday, August 11, 2011

Me Speechless? That's hard to do.

Every once in a while...Matt shocks me.
This time I was completely speechless...I know right?

I feel I should backtrack here.....
when we first got married...I was lucky to get a card on my Bday
or any Holiday. Lucky I tell you!!
Hey & guess what is one of my love languages?
Acts of service/gifts....taking the time to do something for me.
No matter how big or small. It makes me feel loved.
So know. Not pretty. ahem.

Ok let's move on to me being shocked.
On my Bday last week he handed me a card with a picture of this on it.
Yes...that is my dream camera...a Canon 7d.

I had NO IDEA he was gonna do that. To me..this is more than a camera. 
This is Matt telling me to go with my dream of being a photographer...
That he believes in me & my passion. And I was so shocked that he was gonna
let me spend the money!!! That doesn't happen very often!! LOL! 
I love that Hunka Burnin Love of Mine. 

SO he has came a long way in the gift giving department. Enough to shock me &
make me speechless. It finally came in the mail on Tuesday & I have been playing
with it & trying to learn all about it. 

Now...I need some practice so let me know if you need me to take your pics!


  1. WOW!!!!! You are right, that gift was more than just a gift. You was speaking your language! I'm so happy for you! Love you a ton :)

  2. How exciting!! What an awesome, thoughtful gift. :-)

  3. That is so awesome! Major props to him for such a great surprise! Anytime you need a model- Brynlee is available! HA! So happy for you!

  4. uhhhm, hello, me, nick, and petee are great models and i want pics with petee in them! where can i meet ya??! :)

  5. So excited for you! What a good man :) Wish we lived closer so you could take pics of my girls. Love you friend! Lana

  6. Love it... the gift & what it represents! Way to go Matt!


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