Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Egg-cellent Art!

Every year my sister's girls and my kids dye Easter eggs together. They are all little artist so our eggs take quite a while to do. Kenzie introduced us to taking food coloring and dropping it onto a paper towel...put that paper towel in foil to keep the food coloring from getting on your hands...roll the egg in they food coloring and it makes the coolest design! Check it out!
Another favorite of ours is to use my scrapbook letter stickers...put them on first...then put the egg in the dye...peel the stickers off and then it looks like this!
We also used tape to make shapes...
I buy the 18 pack of eggs for them all 6 of them...yep...that's 108 eggs!! So we make deviled eggs for everyone out of them....
We took lots and lots of pics so I just made a little collage out of them to share..:) Still have many more to share of our day.


  1. Your eggs are soo cool! What wonderful memories you are creating for your kids! The JOY is all over everyone's face as well!!!

    I just caught up with your previous posts and PRAISE THE LORD in regards to LORI!!! I must have missed that caring bridge post bc I have been keeping up but this is just AWESOME news!!!

    Love you girl....have fun with the wedding planning! :)

  2. Very cool. Both the eggs and the collage. How did you do that?

  3. I love your eggs. I was thinking as we colored eggs (which they boys were into only for a little while), that egg coloring was overrated, but now I see yours and it looks so fun! How did you get such bright colors? I will definitely remember these techniques as my boys get older!

  4. Warren...I did it in Photoshop Elements

    Tara...they just let it sit in there for a really long time! LOL! I'm tellin ya it takes us several hours. CrazY!

  5. I love learning about all these really cool ways to color eggs besides the old wax crayon and coloring tablets. Love how the design turned out on the paper towel one. In the collage, second row down and first picture on the left, how did you do that one. My all time favorite!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Wow! How cool! I love the foil idea!

  7. Kat...they dipped it in the dye halfway then used a sharpie on it to color it. They are so creative! Thanks!!


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