Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg Toss

The kids begged me to have an Egg Toss this year...and you know...since my motto is...HMF (have more fun in 2010)! I said Yes of course! 
Jaden & Danielle won...We thought their egg was a hard boiled egg because they dropped it a couple of times and it never busted! I threw it way up in the air and that stinkin egg landed in the grass and still didn't bust! So then I threw it out in the street and it finally busted! I couldn't believe how strong that egg was! We got a new egg and they had a show down...I love their faces.
Look at Jaden's moves!  was fun...first time we have done that on Easter weekend...I am pretty sure they will want to do it from here on out.

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